Friday, October 12, 2012

Kinda Bummed

I received a call from my rheumatologist this week.  Unfortunately my lab results did not come back as hoped.  My hemoglobin, red blood cells and white blood cells are all abnormally low.  They were low earlier in the year when I had lab work but at that time we were taking a wait and see approach as it could have been a fluke or something temporary.  Now however it appears that there is something more serious afoot.  I have an appointment on October 25th to revisit my rheumatologist so we can have a “discussion.”  I know that this is something that I have little control over but I couldn’t help feeling like a naughty child who was being called into the principal’s office. The most logical explanation is that my body is attacking my red and white blood cells much like it attacked my platelets many years ago. I also made an appointment on November 12th with my hematologist from long ago as he did an excellent job of treating my platelet munching problem. For now it looks like my adoption medical letter will be on hold until we can get this situation sorted.   I would probably be exceptionally bummed if it wasn’t for the fact that I have plot, characters and words, words, and more words swirling through my brain taking up too much space for worry to creep its long tentacles into my mind (that’s brilliant, that’s what the worry monster in my novel will look like; a giant creepy octopus). This is just another bump in the road and as long as the bump stays “a protuberance on the surface” and doesn’t turn into a gigantic fiery chasm I should be able to remain positive.

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