Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Getting Prepared

After prepping for Sandy I spent Saturday prepping for Nanowrimo.  I made sure I had all of my essential supplies, including my Hufflepuff mug cozy to keep my hand from being seared by the hot beverages in my mug that came all the way from the café where J.K. Rowling wrote some of her Harry Potter books.

I also worked on setting up my writing nook.  I use it when I need a place to escape that is completely free of distractions.

I did visit with my rheumatologist this week.  She thought that my low cell counts could be due to my intestine having chronic inflammation even if I don’t have symptoms of it all of the time.  She placed me on a medication called Asacol (the name makes me giggle given the nature of its use).  I’ve been on Asacol before but my G.I. doctor took me off of it because she felt that it could have been the reason my liver enzymes were high in the past.   It is more likely that the enzyme issue was because of the IVF drugs so my rheumatologist though it would be safe for me to take the Asacol again.  I have to have more lab work in four weeks and then return to her office in six weeks to see if my cell counts have improved.  If they don’t improve, her next step will be to have me begin taking a Flintstones vitamin with iron (because it causes less stomach upset than iron pills).  She didn’t want me start just yet because 1) it wouldn’t make a difference if I am not absorbing things properly due to the inflammation and 2) if you start two interventions at the same time you aren’t able to know which actually worked.  I’m sure with 50,000 words to write in November six weeks will fly by.    

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