Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Begin Before the Beginning

First a quick update.  I survived my first week back at work though I did end up having a dental emergency.  When I went to my rheumatology appointment my doctor wanted me to get blood work just to check that I was okay before she wrote an official letter saying that I was okay.  Since my dental issue involved lots of jabby needles I decided to delay more jabby needles until this week so I’ll find some time soon to get my blood work done.

What I am super excited about at the moment is that it is almost time for November/ Nanowrimo.  What’s that (asks the one person who hasn’t grown tired of me talking about it)?  It is National Novel Writing Month; a time when people who enjoy writing engage in a challenge to write 50,000 words of a novel in 30 days (there is a kids version too where they can set their own smaller goals).  There is a fun website (Nanowrimo.org) where you can display your information, chat with other writers on forums, receive encouragement from The Office of Letters and Light and read or view pep talks from authors.  Many “regions” have groups that get together during the month to hang out, write and encourage one another.  Don’t knock it until you try it.  Hanging out and writing with other people is a lot of fun. 

This will be my fourth time doing Nanowrimo.  My first time I learned about it during November and it was impossible to catch my word count up.  My second year I completed the challenge making me a winner.  My third year I started an IVF cycle half way through November and had to drop out and last year I started an IVF cycle at the start of November so I didn’t participate at all.  This year I am determined to win again.  While I was home recovering I worked on some basics (you can’t start or write any of your actual novel until 12am November 1st).
This is a scattering of my notes and basic information
I found these nifty Character Worksheets Online and thought they were quite helpful.  They helped me figure out a lot of things about my characters and my world.
Drawing up my world map made me wish I knew more about Cartography.  That would be a good class...cartography for writers.

I enjoy writing novels for children and young adults so I'm planning on this year's project being another young adult novel.

The Title: The Key Carver (Hence the picture at the top)

The Synopsis:

“Once the doors are opened they cannot be closed. Once the doors are closed they cannot be opened.”

   Brannon was born with the gift to see doors.  Doors that are part of a vague prophecy that has kept those that can see the doors locked away in solitude.  Today is the day that Brannon escapes. He is determined to see what is behind the doors freeing the next poor child born with the gift from a life of imprisonment.  Before he can open the doors he must find someone who can carve the keys or in his case abduct someone who can carve the keys.  On the run from his mentor and his carver’s fiancé and brother Brannon has a difficult challenge ahead and must figure out if his actions will destroy his world or save it.  

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