Saturday, October 6, 2012

Book Festival Fun-Part 1

      Today was one of my favorite days of the year.  It was the day of the Collingswood Book Festival.  The book festival is to Nanowrimo what going to the Philadelphia Christmas market and hot chocolate at Max Brenner's is to the holiday season; it gets you in the spirit.  In the morning I went book hunting.  Everyone knows that the best place to hunt books at the festival is "the place at the end."

10 books for $1 was hard to resist so I rummaged through the children's bins and chose my 10.  Aside from the book "Wings", I tried to pick books that were more boy oriented since we are more likely to adopt a boy and the majority of our current kid's books are kind of girly.  The kids at the "place at the end" were having fun picking out their own books.

There were plenty of books for adults too.

The church usually has a good children's section.  I found two books there for 50 cents each.  There was one booth that sold just science fiction books.  There were boxes and boxes of science fiction books.  I didn't find anything I wanted but it was still fun searching through the boxes.  One store was giving books away for free.  I was getting pretty weary though at that point so I decided to take a break.  Hunting books is thirsty work.

I was excited because just when I needed a break, my favorite music duo "She Hates Me" began to play.  It was the perfect chance to grab a seat and review my spoils.

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