Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Journey Part 2

The journey Part 2

Fertility Center number 1 seemed like a big scary place. As I sat in the waiting room I looked at all of the other faces and wondered about their stories. So many faces so many hopes and dreams. The doctor was nice enough and she set me up right away with all sorts of testing. The thing that infertility tests the most is your patience. Something for which I have always been a bit prideful about and this situation has tested at great lengths. I was fully prepared to jump right into doing, but the testing process took at least two months and then there was the post test consultation…it was frustrating way too much waiting for a doer like me. Then came the more frustrating part; my tests came back great (it took a little longer for the fluid to go through my tubes during the HSG, but they weren’t too concerned), they really couldn’t see why we weren’t getting pregnant so they gave me a prescription for…clomid. At least this time they monitored me and discovered that the clomid wasn’t working, at least not at the regular dose. That cycle went completely down the tubes, so to speak. At the next cycle they monitored me even more closely and learned that it took three times the regular dose to cause me to ovulate so although it succeeded in causing ovulation I still did not get pregnant. The good thing was that it seemed the higher the dose of clomid; the less crazy it made me. The bad thing was that the high dose caused me to be extremely nauseated. The third time is the charm right? They decided to try an IUI (what is commonly referred to as artificial insemination) along with clomid thinking that maybe we just needed a little extra help. My favorite part of the process was having breakfast with my husband on the morning of the procedure. My least favorite part was what is referred to as “the two week wait” in between the procedure and blood testing. The IUI didn’t work, and we decided to take off a month or so before trying again….

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