Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Major Award-Part 3

I met up with my friends Sharon and Liz for Doctor Who Night at the British Chip Shop in Haddonfield (Doctor Who Night was on Tuesday, September 17th, I'm a little behind).  We had lots of fun.

As always the food was quite yummy.  I especially liked the Thai take-out noodles, and the Slitheen eggs weren't bad either, once you got past the greenish hue. 

We had beef stew, coronation chicken over rice, and this time, they had fish fingers and custard in a savory version,
and a sweet version.

We also enjoyed a dessert of dalek cakes and TARDIS cookies.  Liz had the brilliant idea to stage our dessert before we ate it. 

Oh no! The daleks have the TARDIS!

And.....I won for best costume!  To be fair there wasn't a whole lot of competition, but who cares, I'M A WINNER!!!!!

See my major award?  It's a TARDIS bobble head that is now displayed proudly on my bookshelf atop my writing books.

We didn't win the trivia.  We finished in 3rd place (which was actually pretty good because,I mean do you remember what was written on the license plate of the car that hit Pete Tyler?),  but we did win a gift card for having the best team name, Ood-les of Noodles.

Sharon, on my left, was less than a week away from having a baby (she had a scheduled C-section the Monday after Doctor Who Night).  We are very excited to welcome little Lilly (Harry Potter) into our geeky fangirl world.

Liz found t-shirts that had our team name on them at Redbubble. We may need to consider those for next time. Go team Oodles of Noodles!

Before leaving to go home, I walked to Sharon's car where she gave me a present.  It was a painting that she made for me.  It was awesome!

We had a great time together hanging out at Doctor Who Night and are hoping to get reservations for Harry Potter Night at The British Chip Shop so we can hang out again and so I can figure out how to dress as a golden snitch.

Note:My very awesome dalek hat was purchased at Geekinout on etsy.  She has Jayne's hat, an Appa hat ,a Bender hat, and many, many more.


  1. Fun times! I still don't know what a dalek is, but yay quizzo and dressing up and WINNING!

  2. Amy. You must come to the dark side of Doctor Who. Just use the excuse that you watch to study Steven Moffat's writing