Sunday, October 6, 2013

Collingswood Book Festival-2013 - Part 1

Saturday I went to the 2013 Collingwood Book Festival.  As a voracious gobbler of books, I look forward to the book festival every year.  I will admit that although I am not a cold weather person, and usually I enjoy warmth, it was a hot day at the festival; the kind of hot that leaves you feeling like a wilted daisy.
This year it was exciting because the South Jersey Writers’ Group (of which I am a member) had a table.

The group was selling its anthology of short stories, Tale Tales and Short Stories from South Jersey.

We were also selling tote bags.

One of our goals for the day was to recruit/welcome new members.  Amy, had the great idea of making pins.

I turned out to be a pretty good pin model.  The pins worked because people did in fact ask me about my Writer's Group.

Some of the group’s authors were also selling their books.

I bought WhatTo Expect When You're Dead, by John Farquhar.  (He also gets extra points for wearing a Doctor Who t-shirt)

One of the best things about the book festival is that the authors are all there and happy to sign copies of their books.  I took full advantage.
I was especially excited to get my copy of NerdCamp signed by Elissa Brent Weissman. I really enjoyed reading Nerd Camp this summer.  
Elissa was sweet, friendly and energetic. I was happy to have the chance to meet her in person.   

  As a fan of Nerd Camp, I was thrilled to hear that the sequel, Nerd Camp 2.0, would be coming out in the spring.
 At the festival, I also bought and had her sign her book, The Short Seller, about a 7th grade girl who finds she has a talent for e-trading.  Elissa also had Nerd Camp t-shirts for sale.
 I think the shirt will make a great addition to my growing collection of fun t-shirts. 
The festival always has fun things for the kids (though I felt this year the kids' section was a little lacking compared to previous years).

I'm not sure why, but watching a turtle eat is highly entertaining.

Fun things for kids included people dressed up in mascot type costumes.  Unfortunately, mascot costumes creep me out, just after clowns and ventriloquist dummies.

There were many fun book seller displays and people selling book related items. had everything for the Edgar Allan Poe lover.  I purchased a bookmark to add to my bookmark collection and a pin for my messenger bag. 
 I was impressed by Alison M. Wilkom’s set up. She sold me on buying her book about her Great- Grandfather entitled, Crawfish Jesse- A Soldier’s Diary 1893-1918. Hooray for history, oh and free t-shirts when you buy a book!


  1. Awesome review and I'm sorry that I missed this, but there is always next year.

  2. Great recap...Poehead was awesome. I bought a black cat wine topper..couldnt resist!

  3. Great post. You covered just about everything. And I know Alison M. Wilcom from another writer's group. I remember her attending when she just had the idea to do the book after finding the diary. Thank you for the pictures and recap of an amazing day.