Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Major Award- Part 1

As a little girl, like most other children, I loved dressing up in costumes.
I loved putting on an outfit and becoming someone else. I think that was one of the reasons I liked doing plays as a kid and teen.  Once I had on a costume I was no longer an awkward shy girl who lacked confidence, I was
an angel,

an orphan named Anne,
a crazy murderer,
and of course what girl wouldn't want the chance to wear puffed sleeves?
It seems that for most, the desire to dress up declines the further a person strolls down the path of adulthood.  I can only assume that it is because most adults find dressing up to be a silly endevor that will end in no other consequence except for that of looking stupid. Except for the occasional Halloween shindig, grown-ups hardly ever get dressed up anymore.  But geeks, adult geeks, are of a different breed. For geeks, dressing up has developed into an art.
There were only two years, first and second grade, where I did not make my own Halloween costume (with help from my mom during my younger years).
My Aunt made me and my cousin ballerina outfits for Halloween one year
Not only was wearing a costume fun, but it was just as much fun designing, planning, hunting through thrift shops and craft stores and putting together all of the things I had made or found. Costume making always helped to quench my never ending desire to create.
I must admit that as an adult there have not been many occasions that have involved the need to wear a costume.
A few years ago our friends had a fun little Halloween get together so I put together a simple little steampunk airship navigator outfit.
 That was the last time I had a reason to make an outfit, until now.
The first Doctor Who night back in April sprung on us rapidly so there was no time to create something to wear. This time I was ready. 
Since I can't sew (I took a class once and learned that it is a talent that I am completely lacking no matter how hard I tried) I had to come up with something that did not utilize sewing skills.  I also wanted something that wasn't too difficult or expensive to make and would be comfortable and non-cumbersome enough so I could wear it and still enjoy my evening, and so my creative wheels started turning as I began to plan a Dalek outfit.

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