Monday, September 2, 2013

The Demise and Rebirth of Bathroom #1

There were two things that sold us on our townhouse.  1) The wood burning fireplace and 2) Two and a half bathrooms.  We knew when we moved in that the bathrooms would need A LOT of work.  We started with bathroom #1. This is the cat's bathroom as well as the bathroom that I use to get ready in the morning so in some respects it is also my bathroom. I wanted it to be a happy- friendly place to remind me of the adventures that my day could hold.

The original bathroom had an odd combination of mauve and brown. The fan was wonky and never worked properly so the moisture and humidity caused the wallpaper and border to peel.

The humidity also caused the paint to chip.

The bathroom had terrible fluorescent lighting.

Since the house was built prior to moisture and mold resistant drywall, we decided that the best thing to do was to strip the bathroom to the studs and start over.

The inspiration for the bathroom all started with a shower curtain.  I walked by it in Target one day and loved it.  In case you are wondering, yes I did buy two just in case something unfortunate should happen to the first.  

Emma approved of our new shower/tub. Sometimes we still find her napping in the tub.

Goodbye fluorescent lighting, scalloped sink, and gigantic impractical medicine cabinet! Thanks to Paulette and Scott for giving me the perfect nightlight.

We went with shadow boxes instead of regular shelves and of course there is the awesome topography.

I'm not a fan of traditional  towel racks, and to prove that Pinterest is useful and not the waste of time many people believe it to be, I implemented an idea I saw on the site in place of a normal towel rack.

I'm very excited about how bathroom #1 turned out.  It was exactly what I wanted it to be. It's the perfect place to take a bath and to get ready for my day.

Now onward to bathroom #2.

Thanks to:

Our contractor Phil for doing such a great job

Saber and Sons where we purchased our shower, vanity, sink and medicine cabinet

LUCIUS ART where I purchased the typography

Vinyl Wall Décor and Mor for our vinyl tree

The rest of the bathroom was a combination of Loews, Home Depot, Amazon and Target


  1. I love the new bathroom and the towel rack. I would have never thought about doing this and now; I'm hooked.

  2. Nice job and kudos to Phil! Can't believe the color looks to be exactly what we did in our living room (well, a part of it.) Love the night light too! Does the brightness undulate like the real thing? :-D

  3. Nice and bright to fit your personality.

  4. Love the finished product. Ours need a serious makeover too. Must consult with you soon.

  5. It looks great! That shower curtain pulls the whole room together. Can't wait to see the finished master!