Sunday, May 6, 2012

Distraction Fun

Garden Knees

I do believe that it is always important to continue to work on improving patience and to practice just being;
I also think that there is nothing wrong with keeping busy and distracted.  I think this is helpful to those who have to encounter me everyday especially my husband and perhaps also our contractor.  We are in a sort of limbo holding period while we work on our renovations and while I work on having surgery and healing.  What I really want is to have all of my adoption paper work done yesterday, be matched and have my travel date; but I am going to be patient and know that everything needs to happen in His time.

   Again however to keep my sanity and to save the sanity of everyone else I decided that I needed to work on a project.  I do love writing, especially children’s and young adult fiction and I currently have one finished novel that desperately needs editing and another novel that is yet to be finished, but I think I need a project that involves my hands more than my head (though I am looking forward to being a full Nanowrimoer in November).

   In tenth grade I took “home economics” which ended up being sewing class because that is all we did.  I was horrible at sewing.  It took me the entire year to complete one project.  While everyone else moved on to making skirts and other useful things I continued to struggle to get the stitching on my doll’s dress correct.  Her poor arms and legs ended up being embarrassingly uneven.  It is funny how at a young age one failure can be used to blanket many things.  I decided at sixteen that if I couldn’t sew I was doomed as a homemaker. 

     Recently I’ve fallen in love with several homemaking/homesteading blogs.  I love the idea of jumping in and getting dirty; growing and making things myself.  A few podcasts and websites later and I wanted so badly to learn how to be an urban homesteader (since we live in a small townhouse actual homesteading isn’t in the cards just yet).  Thanks to Pinterest I’ve already started several boards pinning all sorts of homesteading and other homemaking ideas and I’ve decided to tackle some of the projects in no particular order.

Edible front garden bed with rosemary, lavender, mint, lemon thyme and some catnip for our kitty.

I’ve already planted lots of herbs and I’ve prepped everything in anticipation of planting vegetables.  I’ve purchased some yarn and knitting needles so I can learn how to knit and I have a book called “Sewing School” which is meant for small children, but since that seems to be my current sewing level I felt it was an appropriate place to begin.  I’m pretty sure I have enough projects to last me the next few years.

Interesting and informative book I stated reading.

Recommended for kids or those of us who are way behind on our sewing skills

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