Monday, April 16, 2012

I can build that!

I’m sure many wives know that uneasy feeling when their husband announces

     “I can build that…actually, I could build one that is even better!”  That is the situation that I found myself in on Saturday while examining a garden shelf at IKEA.

Me: When will you build it?

Husband: Tomorrow.

Me: Tomorrow, really?

Husband: Yes…well that’s if I can get all the supplies I need to build it…

Me: So probably not tomorrow?

Husband: I don’t know we’ll have to see.

Me: Sigh

I’m sorry I ever doubted him because my husband built a lovely and sturdy garden herb shelf all in one day.  Impressive still, is that nothing is attached to the actual fence because the fence isn’t ours so we can’t drill holes into it.  Instead he placed supports behind the fence and used those to hold the main beam and brackets into place.  I also have a few other places in the yard where my herbs can bloom.  

I'm aware that the Basil looks pathetic but I think it can make a comeback.

For cooking purposes I’m growing







I’m growing other herbs with the hopes of drying them and using them for tea.  Those herbs will be



Lemon Balm

Chamomile (I've found that a cup of chamomile tea is helpful when my intestine is unhappy)

Last year we had so much rain we didn’t end up with much of anything (also the herbs were previously located on our wasp infested balcony so once I started seeing the wasps I abandoned the herbs completely for fear of a vicious attack) so I’m hopeful that this year will yield just what I need and maybe a little bit to share.

*Note to husbands – A very good way to get your wife to enjoy a trip to Home Depot is to take her out to the home made ice cream place across the street when you are done.  At least it worked for me.


  1. Loved the post and where is that Ice Cream store?

  2. I'm a little behind in reading my comments. The store is in Berlin on 73. They make their own homemade ice cream with some pretty fun flavors.