Monday, May 14, 2012

Taking Back The V

There is a patch of dirt in our front yard that we refer to as “the V”, due to its shape.  For years it has served as a dumping ground for leaves from my nemesis, the holly tree.  This year ignited by the fuel of Urban Homesteading I was determined to take back the V and transform it into a useful space.  My husband, who is enjoying my new homesteading passion and hopes that it “isn’t just a phase”, was kind enough to offer his assistance as the ground was filled with roots that needed to be pulled up and at times clipped. 
Pulling up the roots helped to churn up the earth and after a few hours I had a suitable planting bed. 

 I planted four Calendula plants.  They have vibrant orange flowers that can be harvested and dried.  Once dried they can be used for tea or more often they are used to make oil that you can then utilize to make skin care products. They are also supposed to act as a natural pest repellant.  I added a bee balm plant so I can use the leaves for tea (it is supposed to make a lovely cup of Earl Grey and perhaps the plant might attract Jean Luc Picard to my house).  Finally I planted some lettuce and swiss chard seeds and crossed my fingers that maybe they might grow (I have had absolutely no luck with seeds of any kind in any area of our yard, ground or container).  A layer of licorice root mulch tucked everything in nice and cozy and transformed the V into a respectable growing area. 

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