Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Lady with the Owl

godess Athena

This afternoon I met with my reproductive endocrinologist.  I had my last planned shot of Lupron last week.  I’ve done very well on the Lupron Depot and have had minimal side effects from it.  I imagine that this is what normal people feel like.  It was decided that due to the lack of side effects it would be safe for me to continue for an additional three months giving me a total of six months of freedom from all of my horrid digestive issues.  That sounded great to me.

The doctor also told me that he met a doctor who works for a practice that has had success performing a very specific kind of surgery for people with endometriosis.  He said he thought of me and shared my case with this doctor.  She said she would be more than happy to see me and thought that they might be able to help me through this surgery.  When he finally told me the name of the practice I laughed.  It was Athena Women’s Center, where I had gone when I was diagnosed and treated for interstitial cystitis.  It certainly takes away the new doctor anxiety that I have developed over the years because although it has been quite a few years since I’ve been there I remember everyone being knowledgeable, friendly and kind. The head doctor always looked as though he should have been coaching an NFL team instead of fixing lady issues, but he was so warm and nice to all of his patients.  I plan on calling tomorrow to make an appointment and it looks like I may have a surgery sometime within the next four months before all the Lupron wears off.

So for now we are taking a little detour away from baby territory and are focusing only on me and my endometriosis. 

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