Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Geeky Awesomeness Comic More - IOA the non-Potter parts

 *Spoilers-I will be talking about details of specific rides*

On the first day we arrived to Islands of Adventure we found the crowd sparse.  Actually we found all of the areas of Islands of Adventure sparse during our trip with the exception of Hogsmede.

We breezed through the comic book area and walked right onto Spiderman, a ride that would kick off the fall off a tall precipice and think you’re going to hit the ground except someone saves you at the last minute series of simulator rides.  I know that we are not going to hit the ground, but I always flinch the first time anyway.  Good thing Spidey, Optimus Prime, Bill Weasley, etc... is there to save the day.

The geek in me loves the comic book section of IOA, 

but I must admit that I wish that it could be more, so much geeky awesomeness comic more, especially after seeing the Harry Potter section and knowing what Universal is truly capable of.

One of our main goals while at IOA was to ride Popeye’s Barges in the Toon section.  On our last trip it was closed.  We didn’t have time to ride our first day this trip, and on our second day we arrived to the ride an hour before the park closed only to find out that the ride shuts down an hour before the park closes.  Thwarted. 
We finally got on Popeye on our 3rd day. We road it first thing twice in a row.

  It’s a great you get absolutely soaked ride.  Probably a better rapids ride than Kali River Rapids.

IOA now has people dryers in case you don't want to walk around wet for hours.  

They cost $5.00 so we figured we would save our money and dry off the old fashioned way.

My favorite non-Harry Potter related section of Universal is Seuss Landing. 

  The theming is filled with fun and whimsy, and is completely underrated.  Also reading is fun!

We rode The Cat and the Hat. Thing 1 and Thing 2 are the best part of the ride. 

We rode the sky train where you can get some great views/pictures of the park, 

and this time around, I did not have to ride the CaroSeussal alone.  

Shannon rode it with me.  

There were no lines at all in SeussLanding so we breezed through rather quickly.  

At one point during our trip we walked through the Jurassic Park area and found that we were the only people walking through this mostly deserted area of the park. It was slightly spooky like maybe dinosaurs really ate everyone and we were the only humans left.  If you need a break from the hectic jam-packed Potter areas, the Jurassic Park area is a nice, lovely area, with plenty of shade to relax in for a bit. 

We enjoyed our time at Islands of Adventure, especially since it wasn’t crowded, 

but it does feel like it is missing something, or it needs more of something... I couldn’t quite figure out what.  If you go on off season you could probably zip thorough Islands in a day, maybe even half of a day if you don’t care about Harry Potter.

I decided I want the Islands of Adventure entrance over the inside of my front door so I could read it every day and feel inspired to make every day an adventure.

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