Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Think Spring!

While I was at Trader Joe’s this week I purchased two small bunches of daffodils for $1.50 each.  I was hoping that they would provide some happy encouragement and remind me that despite the current cold gloomy weather, spring will eventually burst forth with colorful triumph. Every time I look at them in their little mason jar vase it makes me smile.   And speaking of spring, the last of my seed catalogs arrived this week.  I decided this year that instead of purchasing seeds at the local home improvement store I would order them from an actual seed company, preferably organic.  I chose three catalogs based on recommendations from either blogs I read or podcasts I listen to.  Since our garden is not afforded an abundance of space, I have to choose wisely.  That however did not deter my enjoyment of reading all of those plant descriptions and ogling over pictures of tomatoes, pumpkins and squash.  Someday when we have more space, I thought, I’ll try growing (insert the name of various plants).  Since we also are not set up to seed start I was mainly looking for seeds that can be sown directly into the ground.  I am looking to plant beans, lettuce, swiss chard (which I tried last year with no success), okra and several kinds of flowers.  The rest of my garden’s bounty will have to come from plants purchased at the farmers market.  Last year I really loved the blonde cucumbers, the yellow pear drop tomatoes and the purple tomatoes.  I also can’t wait to re-encounter last year’s nemesis…the zucchini.

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