Sunday, January 20, 2013

About Face


I got new glasses.   I have basically worn the same frames since I started wearing glasses when I was eighteen.  I have equated changing frames with getting a face lift.  I knew that new frames would change the look of my face and until now I was not prepared to do that, but I felt compelled this year to make a change.

The process of picking new frames was daunting.  I’m sure I tried on at least fifty different frames.  The frames I ended up with were the third pair I tried.  The process went something like…

(Pair I picked) “Oh these are okay….

Try on about 10 more. 

(Try on the pair I picked) “I do like these…”

Try on 10 more pairs

(Try on the pair I picked) “These work well with my face.”

Try on 10 more pairs, “I don’t like these as much as I like that one pair.”

(Try on the pair I picked) “I like them but what if I hate them in a few years?”

Husband: “In a few years you will be a different person, so don’t worry about it. These fit who you are right now.”

They were pretty deep words for just picking out glasses and I knew he was right.  Right now I am not the same person I was when I first picked out those wire frames when I was eighteen.  I like to think that I am better.  I am wiser, more confident, and more mature.  Hopefully in another few years I’ll be even better.



If you notice I changed the look of my blog.  Last year was the peaceful and contemplative year.  This year is the exciting full of bright and positive things year and I needed something bright and positive to go along with my new adventures.    


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