Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Night of Geeky Goodness

Two weeks ago The British Chip Shop in Haddonfield had their first ever Dr. Who night.  Technically we went to the second ever Dr. Who night as the first night booked up quickly and we were put on a wait list and then had the amazing fortune to be added to their second spill over night…but I digress. 
At the event I met up with two friends from high school, Liz and Sharon.  Although we are facebook friends we haven’t seen each other in forever and it was fantastic getting a chance to catch up with these remarkable ladies. 

  I was quite thankful for my friend Stephanie who gave me a Tardis hoodie for my birthday because it was the perfect venue to show it off. Under my hoodie I wore a Dr. Who quotes t-shirt and on my head I donned a bow tie because bow ties are cool. Liz had a pretty sweet 4th Doctor/Tom Baker scarf that evoked some envious stares.  I was kinda of surprised that although most people sported their cleverest Who inspired shirts there weren’t a lot of people dressed as characters from the show (I wanted so badly to get my picture taken with a Dalek or Weeping Angel). It could have been due to the fact that being 6pm on a weeknight a lot of people may have been coming straight from work and well I’m sure a full out Ood costume may not be appropriate work place attire (but if it was I would want that job!).  There were a few people who did come dressed, so a photo op was required.

There was a 9th Doctor, a 10th Doctor, two 11s and a Rose.  The guy who looks like he is sonic screwdrivering my head was by far my favorite.  I have to admit that a small part of me wondered if he could have possibly been an actual Time Lord.  He remained in character all evening.  At one point he pointed to Liz’s scarf and said,
    “I used to have a scarf exactly like that,” which made us laugh.  Later he dazzled us with card tricks (using his sonic screwdriver) and pulled a few quarters out of my ear. He asked if we’d like to run away with him in his Tardis.  I imagine in other circumstances and/or taken out of context of the evening that could have been considered a little bit creepy, but he was The Doctor after all and what girl wouldn’t dream of becoming the next companion? I said yes.

I thought that he should have won the costume contest, but he didn’t.  This guy won.

It was hard to be angry because he was very nice and loved the fact that he got his tweed jacket for $5.00 at a thrift store.  Both of the 11th Doctors sat at tables next to each other and at one point they wondered if Doctor 11 ran into Doctor 11 did that mean that time was about to implode?  That conversation was pretty hilarious and was just the kind of thing I was expecting from the evening.

Our dinner started with Slitheen deviled eggs, Ood mezze plate (hummus platter), Dalek Invasion Ships (pastry wrapped sausage) and take-out noodles (which came late so I didn’t get a picture but they were delicious!)

For the main dish we had vampire fish cakes with roasted veggies and Coronation Chicken with jasmine rice.


Dessert was by far the most creative and the best course.  They served Cyberman heads (cupcakes), jammy dodgers (which are shortbread cookies filled with jam) and fish fingers and custard (pound cake rolled in pound cake crumbs to dip in custard).  The fish fingers and custard was so good that when I went to the shop this week for my YA critique group I told the waitress that they should put it on their regular “puddings” menu because I wanted to eat it again.
They also had Tardis shortbread cookies available for $1.00 and really how could you say no?
The festivities included a trivia contest, which was extremely difficult and we had absolutely no chance of winning.
It spanned all 11 Doctors and 49 years of Who. That is an awful lot of information to have crammed in your noggin.  When I was there this week talking to one of the staff I said I was ready for Harry Potter night (coming in June) because I was certain I could rock that trivia.  He just looked at me with an evil smile.
All together it was an amazing wibbly wobbly timey wimey filled with geeky goodness and it was a great chance to have some bonding time with two no nonsense intellectually creative gals.  We had so much fun in fact we already have a get together involving afternoon tea planned for the near future…and of course there will be another Dr. Who night coming this spring. 

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