Sunday, January 13, 2013

Birthday Fun!

Yesterday  we went out and celebrated my 35th birthday.  For a January Saturday afternoon the weather was absolutely marvelous.  Our first stop was a restaurant called Wedge + Fig.  Since the weather was so nice we sat outside in the garden (with some help from the heaters of course).

Some girls like a big slice of cake for their birthday, but I'll take a plate of cheese over cake any day.
I highly recommend the Midnight Moon cheese.  Our waiter said it would be cheese perfection and he was correct.  I also had a yummy panini.

After our meal we went to aka music to looked for used cds.  I was lucky enough to find a used copy of the Pan's Labyrinth soundtrack. Maybe they knew it was birthday.

After searching for used music we searched for used books at The Book Trader.  I found two books to add to my collection.

Next we went to the Arden Theatre Company's performance of Cinderella.

The play was fantastic.  It used a mix of LED screen, live actors and shadow puppetry.It was a modern retelling of Cinderella.  Her father does not die and Cinderella is just as much at fault for treating her step-mother and step-sisters poorly as they are of treating her with injustice.  Cinderella and the prince become friends because he dresses like a commoner and spends time in Cinderella's garden.  They have a fight and he leaves in a hurry droping one of his shoes.  Later after the ball (The Prince doesn't recognize Cinderella in Princess clothes) when he goes searching for the girl to fit the glass slipper they end up exchanging shoes which was a fun twist.  The play used music from Mozart throughout and Mozart was a character in the play.  He was the Prince's friend.  At the end of the play they allowed the children to ask the cast questions.  One little boy asked Mozart, "Why does your hair look like it was struck by lightening?"  The actor replied
"Well, when you're a genius you don't have time to do things like comb your hair." That made me smile.
We ended the evening with some coffee and dessert.  It was one of my most favorite birthdays ever. 

Today, which is my actual birthday, I decided I wanted to have a bit of a rest so we had breakfast at the Pop Shop and then I went home for a full day of watching Dr. Who.

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  1. What a wonderful birthday. I think the Arden is probably the best place to see a show in the area, my favorite.

    And the Pop Shop and Doctor Who are nothing to shake a stick at either!

    Happy Belated Birthday!