Thursday, January 12, 2012

On the Eve of my 34th Birthday

Tomorrow is my 34th birthday.  Since my birthday occurs only two weeks after January 1st, I count January 13th as my official fresh start of a new year.

       I’m not someone who laments getting older.  This may partly be due to the fact that most people tell me that I look younger than my chronological age. I strongly believe that age does or at least should mean that one has grown wiser so the only thing that I would lament is if the past year had been one void of growth and learning, but grow I did and I have learned quite a bit.

I learned

-          That God does answer prayers (giving me a new less stressful job) He just may not answer all of them at the same time.

-          I am not as patient as I thought I was.

-          People who take pictures of their cats and post them on facebook are perfectly sane people.

-          If you don’t like a doctor look for another one.  There are some really great doctors you just have to find them.

-          Psalms really is a great book of the Bible to read when you feel troubled.  Ezekiel, not so much.

-          Having a wise, calm and supportive husband is better than all of the riches in the world.

-          Having a sleeping kitty in your lap is often the best medicine.

-          How to handle disappointment gracefully, though I still have a lot more learning to do.

-          How to be thankful for the things that I view as not being so great (again I have a lot more learning to do)

-          Though it’s not easy, you can survive a year filled with struggles and still feel hopeful about what the new year will bring.

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