Saturday, November 19, 2011

Why I now love Law and Order

So I’ve been sick, very sick. With a new IVF cycle comes the dreaded back to back period. Period, two weeks off and period again and my intestine was none too happy. It decided to give me a particularly hard time both times so I feel like I’ve been living in a stomach flu fog. I’m thankful that our office recently put in a private bathroom but there is still nothing comfortable about throwing up at work. I also feel bad for my new boss because more than once in the past two months I’ve had to e-mail him to let him know that I absolutely had to go home. That is what has been particularly upsetting about this time around. I wake up feeling fine and then the tornado doesn’t start until around 10am or so and it had been doing that several days in a row. I have developed an appreciation for the show Law and Order (I especially like Special Victims Unit). It is on one channel or another almost 24 hours a day and I find the dialogue and the delivery of said dialogue very soothing. It doesn’t even matter what they are talking about I just like to lay on the sofa with my eyes closed being soothed by Detective something or other. I went to the doctor's office on Friday to receive my official first ultrasound and blood work. At 4pm I got a call that all looked well and I was to start out with 300 iu of Folistim.
Folistim is fun because it comes in this nifty pen that has a fancy case that you keep in your refrigerator. It is by far the easiest of the shots because all you have to do is click your dose, stick and press. I inject Folistim into my tummy. I just pinch up some skin (under the belly button and of course I swab it clean) and inject. The needle part is very thin so it doesn’t really pinch at all. The only weird thing is that I’m bad at remembering to take the case out early so I usually inject it while it’s still cold. It is a bizarre sensation. I will do Folistim 300, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and then go back to the office on Monday morning for a new ultrasound, more blood work and a new set of instructions.

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