Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Mount Evans Summit

Important advice, even if it is in the mid-80s at the bottom, at the summit of the highest paved road in North America, it is going to be chilly. There may be snow at the top, even in summer. Be prepared. We were prepared.

We wore pants and hiking boots.

We had extra layers, including our puffy jackets, waiting in the back of the car. 

We watched many a person cry out as their bare knees thudded into the snow because their sandals/flip-flops slipped out from under them. They were not prepared. 

Hiking to the very tippy-top after your car makes it to the summit of Mt. Evans is optional. There are great lookout points and plenty of breathtaking views at the easy to navigate parking lot level.

I was super excited about seeing mountain goats on an actual mountain for the very first time.

If you are feeling adventurous, it doesn’t take too much extra effort to climb to the top.
The biggest challenge was that the trail was snow covered, so you had to more or less forge your own path. There was quite a bit of scrambling up and over rocks, but nothing that was too strenuous or precarious.

Standing on the top was worth the endeavor.

Plus, if this selfie-taking, super dad could make it up, carrying his kid on his back, you could too, as long as you are in reasonable health.

The views were stunning.

We took a million pictures from every side, and then just stood there, quietly taking it all in.
It was one of those places where you feel completely unsure as to the appropriate time to leave.

You think, I may never be here again, I may never see this view again, I know I can’t stay here forever, but what is too short a time to be up here?

We stayed at the top for quite a while. We used our binoculars to watch a mountain goat traverse across the ridge of a neighboring mountain. We took one more picture. Finally when it seemed like our eyes had taken in every inch of blue sky, clouds, and mountain, we were satisfied enough to make our way back to the car.

Mt. Evans was my favorite activity we did during our Colorado trip. The beauty in every direction was amazing. I highly recommend checking it out if you are in the Idaho Springs, Colorado area. Just make sure you come prepared. 


  1. Lovely pictures. Breathtaking writing. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Dawn. The views were really spectacular.