Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Just Some News

No stories or reviews this week, just a bit of news.

The travel portion of my blog here has really been chugging along, so much so that it seemed time for me to take the next step and create a travel website.


So next Tuesday (November 29th), I will officially launch the Obligatory Traveler website.

Here’s my logo. It’s pretty much me in sloth form.

 Starting next Tuesday, my weekly Travel Tuesday posts will appear on the website. You can find at www.obligatorytraveler.com

Coming up…
-      - I’ll finish out our Colorado Trip
               -  My first trip to Disney World at Christmas Time
        -A few end of the year posts (my favorite books, favorite travel moments,          etc…)
        -Our Costa Rica/Panama Trip with UnCruise Adventures

To ensure that you don’t miss the fun you can follow my website’s Twitter page  @obligatraveler

Now I won’t be completely abandoning this blog. I’ll still use it to post smaller, more local activities, my geeky escapades, and I’ll probably get back to doing some musings about some of my favorite things, I just will no longer be posting here on a weekly basis.

Thank you to everyone so far who has provided me with inspiration, encouragement, and support. Life is such an unpredictable, exciting, journey. 


  1. This is wonderful, Sarah! All the best with your new website. Your travels are so exciting and unique. I hope you had a beautiful Thanksgiving. I hope everyone is well at your house. Christmas at Disney? You'll have a wonderful holiday for sure. All the best to you!