Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Coors Field-Colorado

In our ongoing pursuit to visit as many baseball stadiums as possible, we were excited to be able to fit a visit to Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rockies, into our itinerary. 

Helpful Tip- It's always worth giving StubHub a look. We got tickets for seats in the Wells Fargo Club for just a little more than we would have paid for regular seats. The only downside was that we didn't get our usual souvenir ticket to go in the ticket book. 

We got fun stamps that let everyone know we had fancy seats. 

The weather was in the mid-90s, and our seats were in the blazing sun. 

It was so hot, we almost had the entire row to ourselves.

I kind of hate to admit it, but we ended up taking full advantage of being in the Wells Fargo Club, and watched most of the game sipping our lemonades in the nice, cool, air conditioning. 

We also spent part of the game exploring the stadium. 

As far as stadiums go, Coors Field was modern, and very nice, but wouldn't win any prizes for interior (San Diego is still our favorite) although I did think the Rockies home run fountains were quite picturesque. 

Since the park is in the middle of the city, the view isn't as spectacular as say Pittsburgh's, but I admired how perfectly blue the Colorado sky always seems to be. 

The food at Coors Field was great.

We passed up the Rocky Mountain Oysters 

in favor of the Monster Chicken Nachos. 

Monster is definitely the right description. The picture doesn't do them justice.

There was an entire chicken breast plopped on top of the chips. Everything was then smothered with salsa, cheese, and jalapenos. 

Whatever the chicken was cooked in was yummy, and it shredded up as you dug into it. Best ballpark nachos so far. Just be sure to grab plenty of napkins.

Usually ice cream is my dessert of choice at a ballpark, and although I am almost never one to pass up ice cream, it was love at first sight when I spotted the Berry Kebabs kiosk. 

Why aren't these everywhere? 

We chose the strawberry and banana kebabs that were swirled with white and milk chocolate. 

Not only do they look really cool, they're delicious too. And it's healthy cause it's fruit...right? 

You also get to have the fun challenge of not poking yourself in the epiglottis with the stick as you eat. 

I am seriously in love with giant berry kebabs. 

Rockies fans are passionate, the Rockies played great, and they won, which made the game all the more fun. Plus I got to wear purple. 

Our mission to knock another stadium off the list was a success. If you find yourself in Denver during baseball season, Coors Field is worth a visit. 

*An extra shout out to Julie and Alexa, friends who used to live in New Jersey, but now live in Colorado. They fed and entertained us Saturday night and we really enjoyed catching up with them. 

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