Tuesday, July 12, 2016

We Eat A Lot of Ice Cream-Belize Edition

For being a small island, Caye Caulker had a surprising amount of ice cream choices. There were so many choices, there were many left untasted. 

The Creamery

This place certainly lived up to its name, the ice cream was incredibly creamy. Just how I love my ice cream. 

I had the Chunky Monkey, and Shannon had the Mocha Chip. 

The inside is tight, but there is a nice little porch outside with cushioned seating. 

Verdict: This was my second favorite, but Shannon's third. 

Gelato Italiano

First, this place won major points for atmosphere. The porch spreads around the back, with a seating area that looked out over the water. It's a place to sit and really savor your gelato.

There were some great flavors. It was almost impossible to choose. I got one scoop of pistachio, and one scoop of cherry. Shannon got one scoop of cherry, and a scoop of marscarpone. The gelato was super creamy, and the flavors were bold. There were lots of chunks of fresh cherries in the cherry. It might be the best cherry flavored ice cream treat I have had thus far. 

Verdict: This was number one for both of us. 

Scoop D s 

This was a cute little ice cream place. 

They had swings as seats, though we didn't use them since we used it as more of a hit and walk. 

I got the Peanut Butter, 

while Shannon got Mint Chocolate Chip. 

The ice cream here was a harder, icy ice cream, and not as creamy as the other two.

Verdict: This was number three on my list, and Shannon's second favorite. 

If you like ice cream, Caye Caulker is a good destination. I wish we were able to try a few more places, especially the place that advertised sweet corn ice cream, but overall I was pleasantly happy with the places we picked. 


  1. You are single-handedly making me wanna move to Belize. Well, you and Drumpf!

    1. Move to Belize, they have ice cream! And then I can visit.