Tuesday, July 19, 2016

IL Pellicano-Caye Caulker

After a few days of seafood and chicken, we wanted pasta. We had a restaurant in mind. We passed it every night. Of course that restaurant's day off happened to be the night we wanted to go there. 

We walked around trying to see if another cuisine would pique our interest, but still we wanted pasta. I had not planned to go to IL Pellicano, as I knew already that it was considered the fanciest restaurant on the island. We walked by the menu, figuring that it wouldn't hurt to take a look. The menu looked pretty good. Hungry, and in need of pasta, we decided to visit the fanciest restaurant on Caye Caulker.

The atmosphere was lovely. Foliage, music, and mood lighting, made for a nice, romantic evening

There was a musician playing acoustic guitar. We started playing a fun game called, what song is he playing now? I only guessed one that Shannon didn't know. Shannon knew a lot that I didn't know.

We started our meal with a caprese salad. It was tasty.

Then we finally got the pasta that we were craving.

I got the spinach pasta with mushrooms and peas. It was served in a cream sauce. 

Shannon got one of his favorites, lasagna. Both entrees were good. 

Shannon wasn't feeling dessert, but I couldn't help but get a little tiramisu. 

Everything we ate was satisfying. The pasta and other ingredients were nice and fresh. It just felt a bit strange. If not for the palm trees, Il Pellicano could have been any restaurant at home. It felt a bit like we were somehow cheating, like the time in Panama when we went to TGI Friday's (in my defense it was when the U.S. took Oreo Madness off of the menu, but at the time Panama still had it. We just went for the Madness, I swear). 

Given that it's a little more expensive than other Caye Caulker restaurants,I started thinking that Il Pellicano wasn't a place for budget backpackers, when a group of backpackers arrived.  They appeared to be smaller groups who converged to enjoy dinner together. The small groups started going around the table, telling the story about how they met. One duo met at a deplorable bungalow accommodation. I didn't catch which country it was. The girl had some sort of debacle that involved gross fly paper. The gentleman helped her, they bonded over how terrible the bungalows were, and they have been traveling together ever since. I wished our meal wasn't at its end, because I wanted to hear all of the stories. "How I Met My Travel Partner," would make an excellent travel anthology.

I think that Il Pellicano is a great choice for a romantic dinner, and/or for travelers who maybe aren't adventurous eaters. It's good tasting, familiar, Italian food. 


  1. I love the new look to your blog!!!!!

  2. Marie is correct. This is a wonderful blog, Sarah. Many congratulations on winning the trip to Costa Rica for your writing. I always knew you were a wonderful travel writer. All the best, my dear! And enjoy your trip. Can't wait to hear about it on your blog.