Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Borgata Breakfast Buffet

Nothing says you’re not at work like a vast landscape of breakfast meats. 

We have never been to a breakfast buffet in Atlantic City. Usually there is no time for breakfast as we need to stampede to the Harrah’s pool for a good lounge chair, but since we were staying in less demanding accommodations this time around, we figured we’d have a little morning treat.

The breakfast buffet at The Borgata has a lot going on. It is a magical land of breakfast items.

If you like pastries and sweeter items, they have them.

I know these bananas were for waffles, pancakes and such, but I ate them all by themselves.

The omelet station is very popular. It almost made me wish that I liked omelets. 

There are biscuits waiting to be covered in sausage gravy or cream chipped beef.

The roasted tomatoes with bread crumbs were so good, I ate more than one.

Carnivores can enjoy ham, bacon, sausage, and I’m sure a few other meats that I cannot remember.

There are eggs cooked several different ways, and a selection of breakfast potatoes.

If you want to pretend to be healthy, you can partake of the yogurt bar and fruit selection.

It was a bit overwhelming. I had to plan my plates carefully.

My favorite thing was the selection of fresh juices in adorable, little glass bottles. It was like a juice rainbow. 

The only disappointing thing was the coffee. As a lover of a good cup of Joe, I found the Borgata coffee too strong and bitter. It needed way too much creamer and sugar to make it palatable.  I get it I guess. They want to get all of the gamblers nice and caffeinated. 

After breakfast, we took a stroll around the Borgata. 

I still regret not getting one of these pretty macarons, even if I was too full to eat it right away. 

The Borgata is my second favorite Atlantic City casino to walk around, just after the Tropicana. 

The funky glass artwork is very cool. 

It was a relaxing morning spent at the Borgata. They buffet needs to work on their coffee, but a morning that involves unlimited bacon can never be bad. 

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  1. As always, your photographs are colorful and delicious--even when they are not of food. And yes, the glass artwork is truly intriguing. But the food--oh-my-gosh! I am sooo hungry. I would have eaten the bananas by themselves too. However, I love omelets with lots of interesting foods inside. I don't need to worry about the cup of Joe. I'm a tea person. As long as they have a wonderful selection of teas, I'm fine.