Thursday, October 8, 2015

Temecula-The Other Wine Tour-Part 2

There are plenty of wine tours available in Temecula, and some less expensive than Temecula Valley Jeep and Wine Tours, but I chose this specific tour for  two reasons. First, the intimate tour size seemed to emphasize appreciation for the wine.  Some of the larger group, less expensive tours, appeared to encourage a more party atmosphere. I read more than one story from couples who became unexpected guests at a boisterous, drunken, bachelorette party during their tour with other tour providers.  Now a boisterous party might be the type of tour you're seeking, I'm not dissing those tours at all, it's just not our scene.   

The second reason I chose Temecula Valley Jeep and Wine Tours, was for the jeep.  Along with wine tasting, the tour advertised a beautiful sweeping view of the valley.  I think I've mentioned before that we are fans of a good view.  

After lunch we piled into the jeep and set off through the valley, wind in our hair (well actually, per the tour's website/suggestion we wore hats, but you get the picture). 
Apparently Bob and Mary were unaware of the off-roading part of the tour, so it came as quite a surprise.  

The road to the view was definitely bumpy, 

and we did get to traverse some super fun hills that encouraged stomach butterflies, 

but I have a feeling that Julie might have toned down the usual thrill for Bob and Mary's sake.  We didn't mind, it was fun, and the view was what we were after.   

Our Jeep for the day
Though Julie said the view of the valley is even more spectacular on days when it isn't overcast, we still loved it in spite of the May grey weather. 

It was a little chilly at the top

We stopped at one last winery, Danza Del Sol, before our tour came to an end. 

The tasting room was the largest of the three, and they got points for providing snacks.  

Okay, I'm sure the oyster crackers were meant as palate cleansers between wines, but it didn't mean I was any less excited about a snack. 

Determined to come home with at least one white wine, we chose Danza Del Sol's Riesling. 

We were a little sad when our wine tour finally came to an end. The tour was fabulous, and has most likely ruined wine tastings back home for good, but even better than the scenery and the wonderful wines, were the great people, Julie, Bob, and Mary, that we had the pleasure of spending the day with. 

I can't really compare wine tours in Temecula as this was the only one we took, and I am sure that it wouldn't be that difficult to drive around to the wineries on your own if you wanted, but for us, I could not imagine experiencing Temecula Valley wineries any other way. Temecula Jeep and Wine Toursh was exciting, relaxing, and beautiful, and best of all, close to San Diego.

We're saving our California wines for a special occasion, and although we don't know when we will drink them, we will be sure to sip them out of our complimentary Temecula Jeep and Wine Tour glasses. 

Extra Note: The wine tour's website instructs you to bring a jacket and a hat.  You might think, I don't need those things, this is sunny California, but heed the warning. The open air jeep is a lot of fun, but it is breezy, and the extra altitude, especially during the May grey weather, made things a tad chilly. We were perfectly comfortable however in our  hats and jackets. 

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