Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sipping Soda in Old Town Temecula

We had some spare time between our wine tour and dinner. Since the restaurant was located in Old Town Temecula, we decided to take a walk around.

Old Town Temecula is a shopping and dinning area.  

It's a mix of old

and new. 

Keeping with the Old Town feel, instead of paved sidewalks, you walk along a boardwalk. Be sure to wear proper footwear when visiting Old Town. 

We visited several shops, but our favorite was the Old Town Rootbeer Company. 

We aren't big soda drinkers, we reserve soda as a treat, and when we do have soda at home, we prefer to have what we call, "fancy soda." The Old Town Rootbeer company is an entire store filled with every possible soda you could imagine. It's fancy soda heaven. 

There were shelves and shelves filled with bottles. Some flavors were... interesting. 

I'm pretty adventurous where food and drinks are concerned, but I think I draw the line at a soda called Kitty Piddle, especially when the bottle advertises it as "totally gross." 

You can mix and match the sodas to build your own four pack, six pack, or case, or you can choose a bottle to open right then and there. 

There  are tables and chairs outside on the porch, so after choosing our sodas,

we pulled up a couple of seats and slowly sipped, watching the world go by until it was time for dinner. 

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