Thursday, April 16, 2015

Restaurant Colibri-Holbox Island

Since lounging on the beach reading books really works up an appetite, we decided to meander into town for some lunch on our first full day on Isla Holbox.  

We chose Restaurant Colibri based on a recommendation from a friend.

We settled into an outdoor table situated across from the fruit stand. 

The fruit stand was a happening place. It was lots of fun watching people coming and going, buying their fruit for the day.

For drinks, we each ordered a fresh fruit juice.  I had a mango, coconut, and pineapple juice. It was quite refreshing. 

For our meal, we started off with chips and guacamole. I love fresh guacamole and you could taste the freshness in every bite. 

For our entrees, I got the chicken enchiladas suizas,

and Shannon got the steak tacos. 

The food was yummy, and the portions were huge, enough to keep us from needing dinner that evening.

While we were eating, we saw a crowd gathering across the street.  Little by little more and more people kept arriving and milling about in front of a green concrete building.  We wondered aloud about what could be going on. 

"Maybe something cool we need to check out after our meal?"  

An Irish couple sitting at a table nearby informed us that the crowd had gathered because the only ATM on the island had been broken for several days and word had spread that the ATM repair guy had just shown up. All of the people, including the Irish couple, who had decided to hang out with some fruit juice while waiting, were hoping to replenish their depleted funds.

Our other source of entertainment involved two British children with very laid back parents (I’m all for not being a helicopter parent, but there is a balance, especially when it involves other people’s property). We recognized the children because they were also staying at the Villas.  They were like two small tornadoes.  Here they are out of sight of their parents, playing on a bike that someone had left parked by a shop. 

The owner returned to find the wooden bed on the front of his bike broken.  They were also playing, again out sight of their parents, in the shop across the street, touching items on a table, dropping them on the ground.  A young boy, probably no more than four years old and presumed to be related to the shop’s owner emerged wielding a plastic baseball bat. We couldn’t tell if he was trying to get them to leave or if he wanted to play a friendly game of ball.  It was great entertainment, better than watching television. 

If you are visiting Holbox, I would recommend Restaurant Colibri, especially for lunch where you can get a good meal with large portions while being situated in the middle of all of the town’s action.

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