Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Holbox Island Town by Day

After our lunch, we decided to take a stroll around town. We love chill beach towns.

Holbox has a nice locals vibe. Just people going about their day to day lives without a lot of emphasis on trying to get you to part with your tourist dollars. It was the kind of place where you could just hang; just be.

It's an island where artists and artisans like to come to find inspiration and maybe set up a shop.

The artist spirit is also reflected through the colorful murals that decorate the town's walls.

Some doggies are having a siesta 

I would like this mural painted on my wall at home. It was my favorite. 
 Of course no matter how small or large a town is, I'll always find some ice cream.  This ice cream shop on Holbox had one of my favorite ice cream shop names ever, Por que No (Why Not). 

The ice cream was less ice cream and more like gelato. 

I chose the passion fruit (that's the small size), while Shannon got orange. They both had the same smooth ultra creamy texture, but my passion fruit was boldly tart; Shannon's flavor was light and subtle. We were both happy with our personal flavor choices.  

While we sat eating our ice cream, a television nearby blared what I could only guess was the Mexican version of Jerry Springer. Also while we enjoyed our treats the rain began.  There would be a downpour then it would stop giving you the false hope that it was over. Then just as you were out in the open, the heavens would rain down their deluge once again.  We decided that it was probably time to head back to the Villas. It took us a while as we kept having to find places to duck out of the way of the rain drops.

The view from one of our hideouts.

The roads in town are dirt and flood quickly.  All those years of playing the floor is hot lava as a kid finally paid off as we gingerly footed our way back to the Villas. Exploring the rest of the town would have to wait for another day...or night. 

Island Arcade 

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  1. No kidding, Sarah. What a colorful place. I can see why you like it. Like you mug shot type photo. Thanks for sharing your experience with your readers.