Thursday, November 14, 2013

You Can't Twerk to the Violin-The Chocolate Eating Part

I believe that my cousin summed up our Saturday night with three phrases

“Holy Mackerel this is amazing”

“I think we are in crazyland”

“I am about to break out some karate moves”

I summed up our Saturday evening with one phrase

 “You can’t twerk to the violin”

 When we found out that The Head and the Heart would be playing at Union Transfer in November, we got tickets right away.  We love the band, we love the venue, and it was the perfect excuse to revisit Sazon.

 We had enjoyed dessert at Sazon back in April and were looking forward to tasting all that the Venezuelan restaurant had to offer.

“Holy Mackerel this is amazing,” said my cousin as we tore into our food.

  For starters we got an appetizer sampler platter that included cheese sticks, an empanada and two different kinds of arepas. 
Everything was so yummy.  I think if we went back, I would have to get the sampler again, because it would be difficult to pick just one of the appetizers to get.

 For my meal I got the pulled pork arepa and a side of sweet plantains. 

My food was also amazing.  The pulled pork filling for the arepa is marinated in orange juice and wine and was absolutely delicious. The plantains were great as well.  Everyone at our table raved about their meals and our only regret was that we could not try everything on the menu right then and there, but we couldn’t eat too much, we needed to leave space for chocolate.

 Now we are big fans of Max Brenner’s chocolate, but I am pretty sure that Robert Campbell, the chocolate alchemist at Sazon, could give the Bald Man a run for his money.  Once again, it was almost impossible to lock down exactly what we wanted to order because we wanted to order everything. There were chocolate drinks, chocolate truffles and lots of chocolate desserts.  My husband and I both ordered a part drink, part dessert called the orgasmo.
  It is chocolate, banana, peanut butter and Kahlua.  Everything is blended together so well that none of the ingredients overpower the others.  My cousin and her husband both ordered café mochas. Everyone but me ordered a truffle and I ordered churros and chocolate, which I graciously shared with the rest of the table (because after the meal and a chocolate drink there was no way I was finishing them on my own). 
I am a pretty huge fan of churros and chocolate, partly due to the fact that it was name of my ninth grade Spanish book, and if they are on a menu anywhere for dessert I will give them a try.  I would say that thus far Sazon had the best churros and chocolate that I have had.  The chocolate part was great of course but the balance of the crispy cinnamon sugared outside and an inside that was perfect, not too doughy and not overdone, put them over the top. 
We loved our meal at Sazon so much that we can’t wait to go back again and try some of the other things on the menu.  The other great part is that it is affordable, just be sure to bring cash because they don’t take credit cards.

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