Sunday, November 10, 2013

In Your Face, Monday!

I suppose like most middle aged people, I sometimes long for my early college days when I could stay out until 2am, catch a few hours of sleep and be in my seat for my 8am class with barely a yawn.  Least you think I was some kind of crazy party animal, I usually spent those college evenings at the diner, drinking coffee, eating cheese fries and discussing artsy geeky stuff with my friends.  I wish back then that it would have been possible to extract some of my 19 year old DNA and transform it into pill form to use later, kind of like how ladies turn their placenta into pills to take during menopause. Then I could still hang out on a school night and not regret it the next day.

On Sunday October 27th, we went to see Frightened Rabbit (yes again) play at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia.  Of course you can’t go to a concert on an empty stomach, so we stopped by The Silk City Diner for a bite to eat. 

The Silk City Diner is a great place to grab some grub.  It’s casual, affordable and has a fun funky atmosphere,

and on a Sunday night or other week night it’s usually pretty easy to find a free parking spot. 
As an appetizer we got the baked mac and cheese.  I hate making these types of claims because haters have to hate and jump on you to prove you wrong, but in my opinion, The Silk City Diner mac and cheese appetizer is the very best restaurant mac and cheese that I have had so far.  It is always (we get it every time we go there) super creamy, never oily and the most yummy part, is the garlic bread bread crumbs that are baked on top. 

For my meal, I decided to keep things simple so I went with the cheeseburger and fries.  It was tasty and the leftover cheese in our mac and cheese dish went great with the fries. 

The Electric Factory rates somewhere in the middle as far as small concert venues in Philadelphia go.  It is not the best, but it also isn’t the worst. 

 I think this experience was much better than the last time we were there to see The Black Keys.  Maybe it was because it was late on a Sunday night, but it wasn’t overwhelmingly crowded and squashed and we stayed to the back so we avoided some of the drunken fools (who the lead singer of the band at one point threatened to have thrown out) who had staked claim at the front of the stage.  Frightened Rabbit of course was amazing. 
Thanks to Scott Buchanan for this great picture
 Maybe they have DNA pills from when they were 19 because they had tremendous energy on stage and I could not imagine having to exert that kind of enthusiasm night after night after night.  By the time the concert had ended and we got home and to bed, it was about 1am. The funny thing was that I didn’t end up being tired the next day. It may have been that I was riding on the fun and excitement of the night before and/or that I enjoyed the fact that I am a grown-up who can stay out late on a school night, but whatever it was I woke up in the next morning and exclaimed,
“I stayed out late and I’m not even tired. In your face Monday!”


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