Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ridiculously Amazing

A few months ago I bought this little sign to put into the bathroom that I use to get ready in the morning.

While I was in the hospital I received a lot of questions and comments from the staff regarding my positive, cheerful, pleasant non-grumbling disposition (on one of the doctor’s reports he described me as lovely and youthful).  I was never exactly sure how to answer the inquiries.  I could go into a deep spiritual explanation but honestly it is not even as complex as all that.

   A common phrase heard in our house is, “Dear, you can’t do everything.”  This is usually uttered after I have rattled off a list of things that I want to do…NOW!  I want to take a class, I want to be in that play, I want to eat at these five restaurants and see these movies and these four plays on Broadway, and meet these people and volunteer for this and lead that and vacation hear…..then my husband will say, “Dear you can’t do everything.”  It kills me to know I can’t do everything and I know I never could.  When I start to compile all of the places I want to go, the foods I want to try, the things I want to see and the experiences I want to have, there isn’t enough time in two lifetimes to do it all.  Life is short and with that in mind I know that I don’t have a single day to waist on being bitter, or angry or outraged (if I’m not going to pitch in and help to make the problem better) or grumbly. I need to look at each experience good or bad as something that can be learned from and make the best of it that I can.      

    It doesn’t mean that I don’t or can’t have moments of frustration (where I’m prone to rant) or have sad days or grumpy days where I do whine a bit, but it is not habit or an everyday occurrence. When those types of days do occur the next day when I wake up and go into the bathroom I know that it is a fresh new day and today I will make it RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING!

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