Saturday, April 13, 2013

The night of Llamas and Rabbits-the eating part

Last Saturday we went to UnionTransfer in Philadelphia to see a band called Frightened Rabbit.  If you haven’t been to Union Transfer it is a great venue for concerts, but more about that later.  First as with most of our activities we had to eat.  For this adventure we tried a restaurant called LlamaTooth. 

Llama Tooth is located directly across the street from Union Transfer making it convenient if you happen to be seeing a concert. 

Since the weather seemed warmish we opted to sit outside on their patio with a little help from one of those heaters that looks like a light.  Llama Tooth has an extensive beer list though I didn’t have any my companions gave their choices a thumbs up. 

The restaurant had several intriguing looking mac and cheese options and we were planning to start out with the pulled pork mac and cheese but were informed by our waitress that the restaurant had run out of cheese….yeah I know, apparently someone had to run out and get more… so we had to forgo the cheesy goodness.  As an entrée I ordered the pulled pork tacos.  They were delicious…the kind of delicious where I wish they were sitting in front me right now so I could house them. 

We were hoping to while away more time at Llama Tooth until our concert so we inquired about dessert but all they were offering was a choice of sorbets which we passed on since as the sun went down the chill went up and the heater was ceasing to keep us sufficiently toasty .  We needed something to warm us up not freeze us further.
Still craving a sweet ending and perhaps a little extra pep before the concert we strolled to a place we had passed earlier in the evening.  It drew our attention because there was a description on the window reading “Chocolate Alchemist” (I added this to my list of potential future careers right behind farmer/homesteader and cheese artisan).  The restaurant was called Sazon.  Sazon was a cord of cool.  The first cool thing was that we got to sit at a gorgeous  bar carved from a tree while sitting on tree carved stools.  Next the menu made us swoon. 

There was chocolate everywhere and not just any old chocolate.  It was real pure chocolate from Venezuela.   I ordered a café mocha.

My husband ordered this fancy drink.  He told me it was extra deep dark chocolatey and that I probably would not have liked it, but it did look yummy.  He loves dark chocolate.  I like dark chocolate sometimes when I'm in the mood for it.

All of our drinks were scrumptious.  When you have excellent quality chocolate you know and this was quality chocolate.  The other cool thing was that the Chocolate Alchemist himself was there and he chatted with us for a bit about chocolate and authentic Venezuelan food.  We vowed to go back and eat some of that authentic food on another night and of course if we return, we get to have more scrumptious chocolate alchemy.  One word of warning if you want to have some chocolate too, Sazon is a cash only restaurant. 

We were now ready to go hear Frightened Rabbit.
While we were sitting on the patio at Llama Tooth we were watching two girls who were sitting on their roof watching us.  I wondered if there was such a thing as a People Watching Vortex because I think we may have been endanger of triggering it

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