Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Team Vicktory

When I was having all of my severe digestive/stomach issues I was tested for Crohn’s disease. The doctors thought that Crohn’s was a likely culprit, especially since I appear prone to autoimmune disorders but all of my tests came back negative for Crohn’s disease, to my relief, because it is a horrible disease. 

Crohn’s disease is an autoimmune disorder that causes chronic inflammation in your digestive track. It causes numerous stomach issues, intense pain and disrupts normal life.  I know two wonderful fellow geeky ladies who have Crohn’s disease and have heard from them about how much the disease disrupts their lives.  There are medications that can help and surgeries that can give bouts of remission/relief but not all of the medications and treatments work for everyone and many have terrible side effects. More research needs to be done to find a cure and end Crohn’s once and for all.

 Two Saturdays ago (I’m going to do my best to catch up eventually but life has been a bit crazy) our friends had a bowling event to raise money for Team Vicktory who will be taking part in Take Steps for Crohn’s and Colitis.  Their teenage daughter Victoria suffers from Crohn’s and if you think that Crohn’s is terrible for an adult just think how wretched it must be for a kid or teen.  As I’ve mentioned before it often has a significant effect on your day to day life.
Victoria's Dad sporting his Team Vicktory t-shirt
It has been at least eight or more years since I have been bowling (Wii bowling doesn't count). I was in a bowling league once. I was pretty good and have a winning trophy to prove it. During this event I learned that bowling is not like riding a bike (incidentally neither is riding a bike or so I learned in Costa Rica).  I could barely keep my ball straight and out of the gutter, but that didn’t matter because it still ended up being an enjoyable time.
My husband and I were paired in a lane with Jess and Walter.  They were great and a lot of fun, especially Walter because as soon as I saw him I wanted to bowl in the same lane with him.
Jess getting ready to show off some bowling moves
Walter was super cool

Everyone had fun bowling
Of course I had to wear this shirt

And don't forget the snazzy bowling shoes
There was also a raffle.  We bought some tickets and I won prizes!  I think I might be on a winning streak.  I may have to try my luck at winning a car or a yacht or something like that next.
Victoria and her mom handing out raffle tickets
Bowling was a great idea for a fund raising event and it was a fun day that sparked my desire to get more bowling in when I can or more like when I can find people who want to go bowling with me.
To find out more information about Take Steps for Crohn's and Colitis check out their website
For information on how you can help or donate to Team Vicktory check out the Team Vicktory facebook page
This seemed like the kind of bowling club worth joining

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