Monday, March 25, 2013

Do I have to take down Skynet? Atlantic City Day 2

Our main reason for going to Harrah’s was to spend the day sitting by the tropical pool underneath the huge glass dome. We had worked out our strategy the night before.  I would get ready first then head down to the pool to snag prime seating while my husband showered and got ready.  Our efforts worked and we were able to spend the day taking up key real estate in lounge chairs right at the edge of the pool. 

I had already started reading The Maze Runner at home but it was a book leant to me by a coworker and I didn’t want to risk its possible destruction on our trip so I began reading City of Bones, the first book in the popular Mortal Instruments series.  It turned out to be a good choice as it is an easy read. Sort of Percy Jackson meets X-Men, or at least it seems like that so far. 

My husband also brought an easy to read book (This is a Book by Demetri Martin) that at times created a fun distraction as he shared many pictures and statements from his book with me throughout the day.

The pool water was chilly so we spent our water time loafing in the hot tub and of course we whiled the day away people watching.
I really dug this guy's reading style.
We named this guy “Terminator Guy.” 
He spent hours walking from one end of the pool to the other.  He would make his way toward us with this slow deliberate walk wearing his sun glasses the whole time despite the cloudy weather.  When he reached our end of the pool he would tag the spot right in front of my chair.  I was certain that during one of those tags he was going to tell me that I was going to have to take down Skynet.  He finally left the pool about an hour before we did and never told me of my destiny.  I’m not sure if I was relieved or disappointed.   
At one point during the day an inflatable beach ball was thrown into the pool.  A couple started playing with it and then an older woman joined them and soon there was a whole group of strangers laughing, playing and having a great time all brought together by the power of an inflatable beach ball. 
I think someone should jump on that and create an organization called, “Beach Balls for World Peace.”
The pool closes at 6:00pm but we departed early, leaving at 4:30pm, as we had to get ready for our dinner reservation. 

Bally’s has a restaurant called The Reserve that has a discount in The Entertainment book so we decided to check it out. 
  It was a nice place with large windows that looked out over A.C. We continued our melty cheese trend and started off with French onion soup.  I never liked French onion soup until I met my husband and he has now turned me to the dark side.  Usually the thing that ruins French onion soup is a too salty broth so we were happy that The Reserve’s broth was just right.
  As my entrée I went with one of the specials.  It was a corn dusted halibut on a bed of lemon roasted vegetables.  One of the vegetables included was brussel sprouts which is what beckoned me to try the dish.  It was yummy.  My husband ordered the filet mignon and creamed spinach which he reported was well executed.
We skipped dessert since our bellies were filled with soup and entrees.  After our meal we took another walk around then returned to Harrah’s to end the evening with some of the gelato we had been ogling since our arrival.
With no crazy club on Thursdays the hotel/casino was quiet, or at least as quiet as a casino can be.  We took our gelato back to our room and fell into a lovely end of a relaxing day sleep.
Oh, I almost forgot, while we were sitting under the dome it started to snow.  If you have never watched it snow from inside of a gigantic glass dome I recommend it, it was pretty neat.
I doubt that when Tolkien was penning his masterpiece he thought, hey maybe someday this will make a great slot machine!


  1. Sounded like a lot of fun and good food and now, but you left me curious as to where the 007 spy "Terminator Man" went. I see a story in this. Great post and pictures.

  2. Might I make a suggestion, sweetie? No pants by the swimming pool. hehehe! It looks like you guys had a great time together.