Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Strongly Worded Letter - Atlantic City Day 3

Dear  Harrah’s, 

    While recently staying at your establishment I was excited to find a do not disturb sign on my door that read “Building Awesome Pillow Forts – Do Not Disturb”, but was disappointed at the discovery that the amount of pillows provided in the room was hardly enough to construct a proper pillow fort. You should not give patrons a splendid idea only to not provide the necessary tools and building materials. I would also suggest that in the future you provide at least two giant cylindrical pillows on the bed so that guests could engage in pretend gladiator fights if they so wished.



We had planned on going out for breakfast on our last morning but by the time we were packed and ready to go it was lunch time so instead we used yet another Entertainment Book discount in Bally’s.  This time it was at 6ix A Bistro (seriously that’s how it is spelled).  Since it was pretty much their version of a diner we didn’t have high expectations but ended up being pleasantly surprised.  We both got the Guinness burger…so yummy.  Even the fries were decent.  There were plenty of little pieces that were just a little over cooked so they were super extra crispy.  I love those little super extra crispy delights. 

Sustained by meat, we went to the outlets to go clothes shopping. 
 I am not a big fan of clothes shopping.  I inevitably fall in love with things that I can’t afford or that end up not fitting right and then I feel sad.  Sometimes I do find things that are good deals that do fit and I feel like a winner.  I imagine that’s how many people in A.C. feel while their gambling.  I guess you could say clothes shopping is my version of gambling?  I bought mostly practical items that I needed but there was one thing that I simply wanted and since it did not have an extravagant price tag I was granted my wish.   I bought my very first pair of Converse. 
After making the rounds at the stores we like best we packed up and went home.  We had such a great time and realized that it had been quite awhile since we had spent a significant amount of quality time together and vowed that we won’t let more than a year go by before doing it again. 


  1. Loving your trip to Atlantic City. I fully agree about the amount of pillows, but aren't the ones that look like giant Tootsie Rolls just awesome?

    Also, could I have your permission to use your 6ix A Bistro pic over at French Fry Diary? I'd plug your blog.

  2. Never heard of a sign like this. Great. I would've been let down too.

  3. Yes Glen please feel free to use the 6ix Bistro picutre. I love the giant Tootsie Roll pillows but they need two so when your husband starts bonking you on the head with it you have one to fight back with.