Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Technical Difficulties

 So things have been a bit crazy.  Work has been crazy because we are going to be audited and my primary job is to prep for audits so I've been busy and exhausted during the week.  The left mouse button on my laptop stopped working so it had to be "sent out."  I wanted to ask Derrick (the name I gave him) from the Geek Squad when do they not have to send laptops out because every time I have taken my laptop there it gets sent out.  I was polite however and knew that my grumpy mood was due to me being tired the night I walked up to the Geek Squad counter at Best Buy.  I am currently laptopless and as my laptop and I now share a special bond I feel a little lost without it.  Our Internet has also decided to not work.  We might have it for a few hours and then not have it for two days.  That has been frustrating too makes blog posting rather hard.  I had two nice posts (one about my garden and one about a trip to NY) that I wanted to put up but the Internet hasn't worked long enough and now the pictures for the post are on my broken being fixed laptop.  Okay I'm done whining now.

So this time next week I will be in the midst of my night before surgery bowel prep (fun).  I keep thinking that any day they will call to tell me that they have to reschedule, but so far so good.  I've already done several of the pre-surgery tests and I go in on Friday to have the rest completed.  I must admit that some of the pre-surgery jitters are starting to set in.  Question like, "Will I wake up during the surgery or will I never wake up from the surgery?" creep into my mind from time to time.  It is actually a good thing that work has been so busy because I haven't had too much time to contemplate such things.  Instead I try to find things to look forward to like playing a ton of Harvest Moon during the day and watching my DVDs of Rags to Riches and hopefully finishing The Mistborn trilogy, but I'm also trying hard not to give myself a recovery to-do list and allowing myself to sleep and chill out as much as possible.

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