Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Signs

A few weeks ago in church they showed a video of missions work in Thailand.  My husband and I looked at each other and smiled; just the night before we had engaged in a serious conversation about adoption.  Out of all of the countries that Holt works with, we like Thailand the best. That was what we had decided less than twenty-four hours before.  Sitting there in church all I could think was….was it a sign?  Could this mean that yes we are 100% meant to adopt and we are to adopt from Thailand? 

I’ve been looking for signs left and right during this time when tough decisions have to be made; decisions that not only effect my life but others lives as well.  Finding signs in unexpected places assures me that I’m going in the correct direction. In the past few months I’ve spent time with my almost two year old nephew.  Each time I’ve found him so fun and endearing and I think…If we adopt from Thailand then we would be adopting a child this age.  This is a great age, I love this age, is it a sign?  I’m not sure if the signs that I perceive are real or are simply my imagination or more likely…my impatience rearing its ugly head.  I want so much to move forward.  I want answers and I feel like it is just taking so much time and yet I have a feeling  that someday I’ll look back and think that it was really no time at all.  That in the span of my entire exsistence this time in my life will appear as a drop in the bucket.


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