Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Do Me a Solid

I couldn’t resist.  I love the episode of Regular Show where the guys keeping doing solids for each other back and forth until one decides not to honor the code of the solids and it causes the whole universe to begin to implode.  In the end he has to return the solid to save the world.

  I finally heard back from my original GI doctor who I was having such a difficult time getting a hold of.  She felt that my liver enzymes were probably elevated because I have Lupus, but it was not anything serious.  I called and spoke to my rheumatologist who passionately disagreed.  She thought that I should skip general GI doctors all together and see a hepatologist (liver specialist).  She wanted me to see a specific doctor but at first he wouldn’t see me because technically I haven’t been diagnosed with a specific liver disorder.  My rheumatologist called him up and talked to him and I’m guessing asked him to do her a solid and see me even though I didn’t meet the precise liver specialist requirements.  The rheumatologist’s office was able to get me an appointment for Monday; they even called my primary and secured the referral for me.  Currently I am quite impressed by Drexel Medicine and the level of care that they provide for their patients.

I had to work really hard over the last two weeks to remain patient while all of these things were being worked out.  I’m a busy bee kind of person.  I like to be doing things and I relish in accomplishments so having to sit and wait for others to work things out for me felt torturous at times.  I also get a strong sense of security knowing what is coming next and at the moment it seems as though I’ve made it to the center of a giant board game; waiting for my next move.  Do we move a few steps forward and try for a fourth and final IVF or do we jump directly to adopting?  I don’t mind either move, it is really the not knowing that kills me, and I believe that teaching me is what all of these large and small trials are designed to do.  I need to become skilled at doing less, waiting without complaining and learning to be content with things just as they are today. 

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