Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Denver-Biscuits and Books

We knew we needed to pack ourselves full of energy for our active day ahead, so we stopped to grab some breakfast at The Denver Biscuit Company. 

The Denver Biscuit Company is hip, but not in a pretentious way. More in a, wow, I am so in love this place, way. 

It's the cool spot that beckons you to call your friends and ask them to meet you for breakfast/brunch. 

I greatly appreciated the self-serve coffee area. You grab a mug.

Fill it up. Put in your fixins', and head back to your table. 

You can head on over and fill up your mug as much as you want. No waiting for a busy server to come over for a refill. It was a damn fine cup of coffee. I wish more restaurants would adopt a self-serve coffee station. 

We agonized over the menu. There were so many tempting choices.

I tackled my choice with the effort that many devote to large life choices, like choosing a college, or a house. I first narrowed things down to a sandwich. I spent time breaking down the individual elements of each sandwich, then ranked said ingredients from the one I wanted to most stuff in my face, to the least. Sausage Gravy was number one on the list. The housemade pickles ranked second. In the end, I chose The Franklin, and ordered a side of housemade pickles. 

Shannon also ordered The Franklin, which included buttermilk fried chicken, bacon, and cheese, smothered in sausage gravy, sandwiched inside of a biscuit. I know, it's not a health food. It's like food sky diving, don't think, just go for it. 

After our sandwiches arrived, we sort of just basked in their enormity for a minute.

At this point, I could spout off a bunch of eating descriptions, but I'm not sure they would do The Franklin justice. Trust me it was amazing. 

We weren't having an eating contest, but if we were, Shannon was the winner. 

I did not fare as well, but I did find enough belly space to eat every last bite of the perfectly spiced, perfectly fried, buttermilk chicken (I know that's bacon left on my plate, I'm really sorry, I promise I tried my best).

After getting properly caffeinated, and filling up on the ultimate comfort food, we stopped by Denver’s famous Tattered Cover Bookstore.

The inside of the bookstore was inspiring. It was a sea of dark wood shelves and books. 

There were places here and there where you could cozy up with a good read if you so desired. 

The windows were absolutely gorgeous. Interesting lights dangled from the ceiling, and the staircases were beautifully constructed.

And if I didn’t already love the store enough, I became convinced that it had been designed just for me. When I entered the lower level, I found that the Young Adult and Travel sections were right next to each other. 

Speaking of the travel section, it was super exciting to find a book written by one of the members of the South Jersey Writers’ Group , Peter N. Milligan, on Tatter Cover’s shelves. 

Spoiler alert, this book will make my favorite reads of 2016 list. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Even if you have no inclinations to run with the bulls, if you like travel, or food, you will like Bulls Before Breakfast.  

I felt like I couldn’t leave the store without getting something, but I certainly didn’t need another book to read, so since my little cat notebook that I’ve carried around to record my meals and other travel details is almost full, I got a new notebook.

I could have spent hours in The Tattered Cover Bookstore, but alas, we had more things in Denver to see.