Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Rose's and Leaving Caye Caulker

Rose's intrigued us every time we passed. 

Each evening, as the restaurant opens, the entrees are displayed in ice bins that are set on a table in front of the restaurant. The choices are different every night, depending on what is caught or acquired that day. 

After perusing the choices, we pick our entrees. They are promptly thrown onto the grill.

We are seated against the railing which is the perfect spot to people watch. 

Rose's is a place to get to early. Once an entree is gone, it's gone. The later you get there, the less choice you have. We're actually a bit on the late side this night, so the restaurant has already cleared. 

Our fresh water shrimp kebabs arrive to our table perfectly grilled. Fresh is an understatement. I think they are the freshest shrimp I've ever had. They are extremely juicy, they seriously taste like they were just pulled from the water. 

The kebabs are accompanied by tomato rice and cucumber salad. Everything is yummy, but we can't help but leave with a sigh. It is our last meal of the trip. 

In the morning we wake up extra early. Already packed, we trek one last time from Oasi to the main town. I'm reminded of our first morning, sipping coffee at Ice and Beans while watching people leaving the island. Now we are those people. 

After buying our departure tickets for the water taxi, I'm feeling pretty unhappy. I don't want to go.

Leaving works exactly like getting there, only backwards. It's all very easy. 

I'm excited for our long layover in Miami. Miami has my favorite airport eatery so far, La Carreta.  

Lunch cheers me up.

While we munch maduros, we reminiscence about our time on Caye Caulker, then we do the best thing to beat the post-trip blues...we start planning the next trip. 

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