Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Amor y Cafe - Caye Caulker

It is an ideal Sunday morning. Not too hot, with a striking blue sky.

At the funky, artist vibe, Amor y Cafe, we settle down at the counter that faces the road. We want to watch the hustle- and- bustle, or perhaps more exact, the lack of hustle- and- bustle go by. 

Couples hand- in- hand amble past, their flip-flops making a thwack-thwack sound against the dirt road. People on bicycles lazily glide;some stop to check out the menu before deciding to stay, while others move on to look for other edible prospects. We even see a family of children piled into a cart that is being pushed by their proud looking father. 

We order iced coffees. I make a mess of the cream pitcher, and I have to clean everything up so that my innate clumsiness isn't shown in the the pictures.  

The menu is simple and straight forward. Everything on it sounds delicious. 

Breakfast is often a conundrum. At dinner, you are rarely faced with the prospect of having something akin to dessert as your meal, but with breakfast, it's always a battle between sweet and savory.  

We both want fruit, so that narrows things down quite a bit.

Shannon goes with the waffle with fruit. It's crispy, fluffy, and comes with yummy things to put on top. 

I get his watermelon, yay, since he doesn't like it. 

I go with the yogurt, fruit, and granola. It is exactly what I was craving. 

The yogurt is smooth and creamy. The flavor is mild, with very little tang, which elevates the flavors of the fruit. The granola gives it a nice texture, though I'm a little surprised that raisin bran is considered part of the granola family.

Perhaps a little TMI, but this menu item packs a wallop of a fiber punch. I would probably avoid it if you are heading straight to a bathroomless boat for a day of snorkeling.  

Never rushed, we take our time, sipping, munching, and watching. Instead of  leaving feeling pumped up to conquer our day, we feel blissful and relaxed. If only more days could start out like a day started at Amor y Cafe. 

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