Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Staying at Port Orleans French Quarter at WDW

We went to New Orleans for our honeymoon. Lots of people thought it an unusual honeymoon destination, but we love food and music, so it was perfect. Since we were visiting Disney World during our anniversary, we thought it would be fun to stay at Disney's Port Orleans French Quarter Resort. 

I wish all accommodations had online check in. I checked in online and got a text and an e-mail with our room number before we even got off of the plane. 

At the airport, we hopped on Magical Express, and when we arrived at the resort there was a cast member standing out front waiting just for us. She handed us a folder with our last name on it that contained all of the hotel information we needed. 

The Mickey heads were a nice touch. 

We found our hotel room and used our magic bands to open the door. It was wonderfully easy.

Though we don't mind walking, it was convenient to be in a building that was close to all of the main areas/buildings. 

Our room was clean. The theming was classy. 

I loved the subtle Mickeys that were on the shower curtain

The toiletries smell wonderful. It's a light orange scent that you will happily wear into the parks each day.

The bed was comfortable, though not the coziest we've encountered in our travels, but after a 15 hour day at a park, any bed will do. 

There was plenty of space for us, but I could see the room feeling a bit tight with four people. 

The grounds are lovely. It really does feel like New Orleans, a cleaner, less gritty version of New Orleans. This Disney Resort was quite peaceful and quiet. Even during the bustling morning and the evening when everyone is coming back from the parks, the serene garden atmosphere seemed to make people keep boisterousness to a minimum. 

In the background, there was a father and daughter having a light saber battle on the lawn. It was adorable.

Mickey Art painted using rain water 

The pool area has great theming. It was a shame that we didn't have an extra day just to hang out by the pool with a hurricane.  I regret that I never got a chance to go down the slide. 

We always came back too late at night, but fortunately the hot tub stayed open later, so we did hang out in the hot tub one night. 

We met a collection of characters the night we hung out in the hot tub. There was a guy in the hot tub from Oregon. He was not that impressed with Disney World. A lot of the impression was influenced by his inability to acquire plentiful amounts of inexpensive alcohol.  We now use Oregon guy as a descriptive word. We'll say,  that person or that thing is very "Oregon." 

The hotel lobby is beautiful. 

It was a pleasure to walk through in the morning.

It started the day off right, especially when this guy was out front, wishing guests a magical day on the way to the bus stop. 

The buses were plentiful and never felt overcrowded. 

Of course one of the best reasons to stay at Port Orleans French Quarter, is the water taxi that takes you to Disney Springs. 

If we weren't already relaxed after checking into our hotel room, the boat ride to Disney Springs certainly shifted us into vacation mode. Even if you don't want to spend time at Disney Springs, though you should, it's worth just taking the calm, scenic, cool breeze in your hair, boat ride.

Dock used for going back to French Quarter from Disney Springs
There aren't as many food options at French Quarter as there are at some of the other Disney Resorts, but we knew we had to at least get the beignets.  

The quick service is quite festive. In the morning it is alive with a flurry of caffeinated activity.  

We shared a six count for breakfast one morning with some extremely strong cups of coffee. They were pretty good beignets. They are large so a six count between two people was plenty. 

We loved the laid back, tranquil vibe of Port Orleans French Quarter. The atmosphere provided a calm, restfulness after busy days at the parks.   We would definitely stay there again.

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