Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Stay Classy San Diego- Our Farewell Meal

Not counting my chilaquiles, we realized we hadn't consumed any Mexican cuisine during our time in San Diego.  Being this close to the Mexico border, we knew this was something we had to rectify before our all too soon departure. Thus we chose La Puerta for our farewell to San Diego meal.

La Puerta is a popular eatery.

Since we had a flight to catch, we opted to sit outside at the patio counter to avoid the long wait for an indoor table.  It was completely cool with us. The outdoor seating offered one of our favorite activities, people watching. 

When you think California, you think wine, but The Golden State also has an ever growing craft beer scene. Since this was the last hurrah, I figured I couldn't go without trying a San Diego brew.

La Puerta has an interesting french fry menu that we had to take advantage of.  Making a decision was tough, but we figured we couldn't go wrong with the carnitas fries.

The fries were like nachos, but instead of tortilla chips, the toppings were piled on top of fries. The carnitas fries included slow roasted pork, cheese, grilled onion & poblano, crema, guacamole, and pico de gallo. They were the type of fries that required a fork. They were delicious. The portion size was huge.  We could have made a meal of just the fries. I was most impressed that the fries were able to keep their texture and didn't get super soggy under all of those toppings.  

Not knowing that the fries would be so substantial, we also each ordered the mix-and-match tacos.  

I had a carnitas (slow roasted pork) taco, a pastor (adobo pork and pineapple) taco, and a ranchero shrimp (shrimp, grilled onions & adobo with creama) taco.  They were all tasty, but my favorite was the pastor. Pork and pineapple create a magical combination.  

We were running short on time, and space in our stomachs, so we skipped dessert. We paid our bill, took one last spin in our rental car, and waited to board the red eye home.

California was amazing. Everyone was so friendly and laid back. The scenery was beautiful. I was ready to find a place, send for the cats, and settle into being a Californian. Alas we had to return home and endure the post-trip blues.

Fortunately, nothing cures the post-trip blues better than planning the next adventure. 


  1. Cute post. I really like your picture above. Does Glenn know about these fries?

  2. Thanks. I was sad to go, but I have a hard time making my face look sad. Shannon shot a cute picture of me actually laughing right before the sad pic.

  3. California IS beautiful, Sarah, and I love the way you close your post, "...send for the cats," etc. And you are right. The only cure for post-trip blues--which I have all the time when I come home from a trip--is to start planning the next adventure. May you be blessed with many more.