Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tasty,Tasty Carbs-La Jolla Open Aire Market

We got up bright and early on our second full day in California, and made our way to the La Jolla Open Aire Market.

I am extremely loyal to my at home Collingswood Farmer's Market, but California's La Jolla Market made me long for the invention of teleportation.  I would love to have the ability to teleport off to La Jolla on Sunday mornings.  

There are all manner of stalls selling everything from soap, to clothing, to produce, to flowers.

The sad part is that since we were leaving the next morning for Disneyland, we couldn't buy anything that would wilt or spoil during our time away from the resort.

The one thing that the La Jolla market had, aside from an abundance of local avocados, that my local market does not have, is a nifty market food court. 

The selection of food stalls made making a decision difficult.  Again, another reason why it would be great to visit this market more than once.

Since we are empanada lovers, we felt it important to give Tango's a try.

The Doughnut Bar's doughnuts called to us.  They were just too tempting with their large size and pretty colors to pass up.

It was almost impossible to choose one.

For drinks, Shannon favored a fresh squeezed juice, while I got a mojito iced coffee. I know it sounds weird, but don't knock it till you try it. This is something I hope eventually catches on at one of my local coffee hangouts.  Muddled brown sugar and mint are combined with cold brewed coffee and cream. It was amazing. It was the most refreshing cup of coffee I have ever had.  I loved it so much. Please coffee shops in the Philadelphia area, someone make these.

With our breakfast assembled, we sat down at one of the conveniently located picnic tables.

We each ate half of each empanada. Out of the three flavors of empanadas (chicken-bean, cheese, and jalapeno- spinach and cheese) the chicken was my favorite.  It was nice and spicy, in a good way.  Honestly though, they were all good. The empanada dough is really what makes an excellent empanada. Tango's dough was thin, light, with the perfect amount of crispy. 

We decided on the blood orange doughnut.They were so big, we got one to share.  The doughnut was moist and airy.  The blood orange icing was a tiny bit tart and not overly sweet.  It's probably a good thing that The Doughnut Bar is on the other side of the country because I'd probably be a frequent customer.

A couple sat down at the other end of our table.  From what I could gather from their conversation, they were on a first date.  They got food from the organic, vegan food stall.  Their conversation went something like

"So do you run?"
"Oh yeah, I run everyday, when I'm not biking, of course. Though sometimes I bike and run on the same day."
"Oh you bike? Have you ever gone biking at such-and- such?"
"Of course that's a great spot, and it's not too far from this-and-that. That's a great place to go hiking."
"This food is great. I'm currently on a diet that's specially designed to work with my specific body temperature."

I'm cool with vegan food and exercise. I'm all for being healthy, but I have to admit that their super healthy food and exercise chat made me feel like a bit of an east coast schlub as I shoved tasty, tasty carbs into my mouth.

The La Jolla Open Aire Market is great.  It's not very big, but there is enough neat stuff and delicious food to make it a worth Sunday morning stop.

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