Friday, June 26, 2015

Balboa Park-San Diego

It is absolutely possible to visit San Diego and spend an entire week just at Balboa Park.

It is filled with a plethora of museums, gardens, walking paths, and theaters.

If you need to get off of your feet, there are plenty of places to relax with a cup of coffee or a cool drink.

The architecture is breathtaking.

It is an amazing, marvelous park.  Unfortunately we did not have a week to explore it, we had exactly one day (if you don't count the zoo which we did reserve a separate day for). 

Since the weather was being cooperative and lovely, we skipped the indoor activities and toured as many of the gardens and outdoor paths as we could.

Some of the trees were quite impressive.

I was the most excited about seeing the Botanical Building.

Built in 1925, the wooden structure, located at the end of a large reflecting pool, is a stunning sight to behold. It's one of those sights where you stop for a moment just to take it all in and say to yourself, I'm seeing this, for real, in person. A picture cannot do it justice.

Though it was not the largest botanical building/conservatory that I have seen, it was still fun, smelling flowers, touching herbs, gaping at the trees and rounded ceiling. 

The many varieties of orchids were especially pretty.

I'm not sure why, but we have a track record of running into hordes of sorority girls when we are on trips. At least Shannon didn't have to take any pictures this time around.

We did step into one small art museum since it was small, free (though they do ask for a donation), and boasted having a Vermeer on loan.  

We both appreciate Vermeer's art. His attention to detail and use of light, work together to create remarkable paintings.  If you've never seen the documentary Timothy's Vermeer, I highly recommend it, it's fascinating.

The painting was wonderful, and I'm glad we were lucky enough to see it in person. 

For most of the day we just wandered about, waiting to see what we would stumble upon.

We sat down and listened to a high school jazz band play a couple of tunes at the Organ Pavilion.

We were at the park on a Saturday, so there was a hearty amount of hustle and bustle.  There were several wedding parties walking about, getting artsy pictures taken.  There were also a few girls having quinceanera portraits done.

I loved watching them trying to traverse the paths in their giant fluffy dresses.

Before leaving, we checked out where the zoo was located, that way we would know exactly where it was when we returned at the end of the week. We discovered the Carousel, 

and the train.

The train driver looked so happy, I started wondering how one applies to be the train driver at Balboa Park. I think I could handle a job like that, and you get to wear a nifty conductor hat. 

We had a memorable day at Balboa Park.  Our only regret was that we didn't have more time to visit a few of the museums and climb the bell tower. It is an impressive city park and is a must see if you're planning a San Diego trip. 

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