Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Donuts in Paradise-Our Holbox Breakfast

We wake feeling well rested and refreshed.  Our stay at Villas Paraiso Del Mar includes breakfast and since we are not ones to pass up a breakfast included, we immediately start getting ready for our day.

We have experienced many breakfasts included over the years. We are easy to please so we love them all (though I do remember staying at a hotel in Orlando as a teenager where the breakfast everyday consisted of a packaged still half frozen cheese Danish and that was all). Some breakfasts are kept simple and may include a few pastries, some fruit, and coffee, tea, and juice. Some accommodations will cook up one or two breakfast dishes of the day and you get what you get (my most favorite French toast was a breakfast of this kind in Costa Rica). Others however, like Villas Paraiso Del Mar on Holbox Island, set out a gut busting morning buffet. 

Breakfast is served in the dining building. If it is busy, it is worth waiting a little longer for a table on the patio.  The lush tropical atmosphere that surrounds the patio and the fresh air combine to make a delightful breakfast experience. 

Our view during breakfast

We learned the breakfast routine quickly. After sitting down a server appeared and asked if we wanted coffee.  Coffee was poured into your already waiting cup. You would then be asked if you wanted milk, and if you said yes, milk was poured from a pitcher into your cup.I loved sipping my coffee out of the pretty blue patterned cups.

Some of the items on the buffet remained the same while others rotated.  There was a station where a man would cook up an omelet with your choice of add- ins or if you’re not an egg person, he will create pancakes using an array of various fruits, toppings, etc…of your choice. Nutella seemed quite popular with guests.   

I enjoyed sending tiny pieces of bread through the toaster conveyor belt so that I could try the selection of jams. We both appreciated the early morning fresh cheeses and meats. 

Hot dogs were available each morning and sat in front of one of my favorite foods, fried sweet plantains. I loaded up on the plantains.

The cinnamon sugar donuts were fluffy pillows of circular happiness. I was sad when they were absent on Sunday and filled with joy when they reappeared Monday morning.

Speaking of Sunday, on Sunday morning we got an extra surprise.  There was a station where a man would make you juice or a smoothie from his bountiful table of fresh fruit.  

I got a pineapple-mango juice.

The non-Sunday mornings did include orange juice and watermelon juice and a selection of fresh fruit. I ate a lot of papaya. 

If for some reason nothing else appeals to you (I would seriously question your mental state) there was always cereal. 

I adore trip breakfasts, especially when you have nowhere in particular to be. If you want to sit and nurse a cup of coffee while watching butterflies pass, you are free to do so. So different from the usual I’m- already- late- for- work frazzled mornings, a good trip breakfast stills your mind and makes you wish that you could start everyday just like this.

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  1. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and to have everything so fresh and delicious and no where to hurry to so that you may linger and enjoy does seem like Heaven on earth. Thanks so much for sharing this with your readers, Sarah. I love the photographs. And yes, I want to sit where you sat and just enjoy. Ahh...