Sunday, February 15, 2015

Thwarted by Colonial Americans- A day at Epcot

Since we had dinner reservations at Blue Zoo, we decided to park at the Dolphin Hotel and take the boat over to Epcot.

As we glided along the water we wondered, why we we didn't do this all week?  It was a peaceful and relaxing mode of transportation. No cramming onto noisy parking lot trams with the rest of the masses.

We love Epcot. It's an easy and more affordable way to get a taste of the world.  When we go to Epcot we always have the same plan, zip through Future World so we can visit every country in the World Showcase.  It never happens.

After the conclusion of our Behind the Seeds tour, we used our perfectly timed fast pass and rode Sorin',

then it was off to Shannon's favorite ride, Mission Space. He rode it five times during our trip.

I rode the green, otherwise known as the wimpy version of the ride while he rode the more intense orange side.

We rode Test Track, then Spaceship Earth. We then jetted over to the World Showcase because we wanted lunch and it's more fun to have lunch in another country.

I think that Morocco is my favorite country at the World Showcase.

It has beautiful theming with its fountain and hand painted tiles.

I am sure a certain Doctor would approve of the Moroccan pavilion.

 Lunch was consumed at the Tangerine Cafe.

We wanted to leave room for some snacks and for our dinner later so we split the shawarma platter.

It was plenty for two and was super tasty.  I especially liked their hummus and tabbouleh.

 After lunch we ventured to the Imagination Pavilion. The outside is awesome. It was as if the fluffy white clouds aligned themselves just for me that day.

I got a lot of attention from cast members because I wore my Figment t-shirt.

Like the majority of folks, I wish the Figment ride was back to its original form, but I still enjoy riding it.  The rest of the inside of the pavilion is pretty sad.  You would think that a place founded on imagination would have a magnificent imagination pavilion.  I'm not sure why they don't contact Tim Burton, Terry Gilliam, or Bryan Fuller...heck I'm free, I'll help them out.  Some great imaginative minds could make this pavilion something truly spectacular.

We stuck around for the next showing of Captain EO because how could you not love a hero who saves the world through music and dance?

We took advantage of free soda at Club Cool.

We even had a taste of  Beverly which actually doesn't taste all that bad at first. It's the aftertaste that gets you.

We dropped by the Sea pavilion to see if we could find Nemo bath toys for a friend.....and back to World Showcase.

Oh look, the monks.

We grabbed a snack in Germany.

I also like watching the trains.

One of our goals on this trip was to visit the American pavilion. Usually when we start the World Showcase at either end we never make it to America so this time we were determined.

Now during our trip we had a little challenge going.  The challenge was to see how long we could go without hearing the song Let it Go.  Once we got through Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom without hearing it we thought we might just win.

While waiting for the next showing of the American Adventure we hung out and listened to the Voices of Liberty.  They were great and sang lots of patriotic favorites. Then one of the singers stepped into the circle and said she was going to sing a song she thought everyone would know.

 I thought it was going to be The Star Spangled Banner or something like, she started belting out Let it Go.  Thwarted!

After the American Adventure we made our way back to the boat. We would have to come back tomorrow and knock some more countries off of the list. We did have just enough time to walk around the United Kingdom.

We boarded the boat, excitedly anticipating our dinner while gazing at the glorious sunset.

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