Tuesday, November 11, 2014

It's like a Craft Show but Fancy

This Saturday we went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art's Contemporary Craft Show. 

It's like a craft show but fancy.

There were lots of traditional art exhibits like this.

Items made from bottle caps

And there was this.

One guy had cool musical instruments. He seemed like he was having a fun time showing them off.

There were things to eat off of and drink from.

Tea pots

We admired things to spice up our decor.

Look at the two handsome gentlemen in the mirror
Coffee Table

I really, really wanted a Steampunk Squid lamp for my nightstand.

We liked this exhibit called Two Apples on a Bench.

Just kidding. It was actually just two apples sitting on a bench.  We couldn't figure out why.

Thanks to my newly awakened fascination with fashion design, I especially enjoyed the fashion exhibits.

Unfortunately I couldn't afford so much as a scarf.

What I could afford was a beautiful glass Christmas ornament, or two. We couldn't decide between blue or clear iridescent.

The Contemporary Craft Show offered some top notch people watching.  It looked as if many folks put a lot of thought into what they were wearing to the fancy artsy craft show. The top three favorites were The Vandersmiths (not their real name). They were an older couple who were dressed exactly alike. I cannot stress the exactly part enough. They were darling.  Mikhail (not his real name) had blonde hair that stuck straight up. He had on a vougish coat and shoes that had such high heals that they would surely cause my demise if I wore them.  Last but not least was crazy jacket guy.  He wore a suit type jacket that looked like it was hand painted by a modern art student.

All that people watching and admiring art was hard work, so we decided to treat ourselves to food and hot chocolate from Max Brenner's.

I couldn't find a sandwich that I wanted that came with the fries, and I wanted the fries, so I ordered the chicken satay appetizer and an entire order of fries.

Food is more fun when it comes on sticks.

The chicken satay was yummy. The orange bbq sauce and peanut sauce made the meal.  I was also happy because it was light, and at Max Brenner's, you want to make sure you leave room for the back end of the meal.

The fries at Max Brenner's are waffle fries sprinkled with chili and cocoa powder.  They are delicious. The chili powder makes them a touch spicy and the cocoa powder gives them a slight smokiness. I couldn't figure out what the dipping sauce was made of.

Of course the main reason to dine at Max Brenner's is the chocolate in both liquid and solid forms.

My favorite is the Melting Marshmallow hot chocolate.

My cousin tried the Swiss Whipped. I loved how it was hot, but came in a glass with a metal straw. I may have to try it next time.

Least you think this is just Swiss Miss in fancy cups, I assure you it is not.  If Agent Dale Cooper was drinking it, he would probably exclaim that it is a damn fine cup of hot chocolate.

We also got dessert.  I got one of my most favorite restaurant desserts to date.  The Peanut Butter Euphoria sundae.  It is comprised of chocolate peanut butter ice cream, bananas, chocolate crunchy balls, and separate bowls of chocolate and peanut butter sauce. If you want to know, yes, yes I did use that entire bowl of peanut butter.

Shannon got the Chocolate Cherry Waffles.

My cousin and her husband shared the S'mores sundae.

After savoring our desserts, we decided to walk them off a bit before heading home.  In one store I found one more ornament for the tree. It may not be fancy artsy, but it will make me smile every time I look at it.

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